Can Fighters (UFC, Boxers) Wear Earrings?

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Most people love jewelry, especially earrings. Both men and women wear earrings of all styles and sizes. Earrings are a must-have fashion accessory, but not everybody can wear them all of the time.

UFC fighters and boxers are not allowed to wear earrings or jewelry during matches. All jewelry, including earrings and piercings, must be removed before the match can begin. These rules are in place for the safety of both of the competing athletes.

In this article, I will discuss why fighters cannot wear earrings while competing in a match, what attire fighters have to wear, and how they can keep their piercings safe during practice. Keep reading to find out more. 

Dangers of Wearing Earrings as a UFC Fighter or Boxer

UFC fighters and boxers are well trained and used to physical contact. They can take a punch as well as give one, but being fit and strong will not protect them from jewelry-related injuries.

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Jewelry-Related Injuries

When taking part in contact sports, jewelry can get in the way, especially earrings. These athletes get punched in the face often, and earrings can easily get hooked and ripped out.

Bigger earrings are more likely to get tangled up, but all earrings pose a substantial risk.

When an earring is ripped out of your ear, it can tear your entire earlobe open, which can cause extreme pain and also puts you at risk for infection if not cleaned immediately.

Dealing with Jewelry During Training

Removing and replacing your jewelry all the time can be time-consuming and might not always be necessary.

The official rules for UFC fighters and boxers state that they are not allowed to wear any jewelry. They are only allowed to wear specified, approved apparel while participating in a match.

These athletes are not always taking part in actual matches, though. A lot of the time, they are simply training.

When sparring, there is still a significant risk of jewelry-related injuries, so they will have to remove all jewelry, including earrings. However, if they are doing endurance training like running or weight training, there are ways to keep themselves safe while wearing their jewelry.

Jewelry Tape

If you just got a new piercing or want to keep your earrings in while training, you can try taping them. Covering your earrings and earlobes with protective sports tape will prevent them from tearing out.

Taping can help but will not stop body piercings from pinching and twisting. When taping your piercing, make sure to use good quality, waterproof tape that is flexible.

When dealing with new piercings, you should be careful with taping them closed, as the adhesive can irritate the open wound and cause an infection.

Earlobe piercings can take one to two months to heal, whereas cartilage piercings can take up to a year to heal completely. While your piercing is in the healing stages, you should not take the jewelry out as the piercing can close or get infected.

Always clean your new piercing regularly, using saline solution or antimicrobial soap.

Best Earrings for Athletes

Whether your piercing is new or old, you should wear earrings that can easily be removed and put back in or taped closed when necessary.

The best earrings for UFC fighters or boxers are tiny studs or hoops. The smaller, the better, as they will be out of the way.

Tiny, elegant earrings can make a big statement and make life much easier for an athlete.

If you want something more fun, you can try thread earrings as they are easy to remove and put back in. You also have the option of wearing clear plastic earrings; these are almost invisible and great for training purposes.

UFC and Boxer Attire

UFC fighters and boxers have strict dress codes that they have to follow, and jewelry of any type is prohibited.

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UFC Attire

  • Both male and female athletes are only allowed to wear approved shorts.
  • Female athletes may only wear approved shirts.
  • Male competitors are not allowed to wear shirts.
  • All competitors have to wear a mouthguard and padded gloves.
  • Males have to wear a protective cup.
  • Females are not allowed to fight without a chest protector.
  • Athletes need to fight barefoot; no shoes are allowed.

Boxing Attire

  • Athletes have to wear lightweight boots or shoes.
  • Socks need to be worn but may not go over the knees.
  • Male and female athletes need to wear approved shorts.
  • Male boxers are not allowed to wear shirts.
  • Female fighters may only wear approved shirts but can wear tights under their shirts and shorts.
  • Male athletes must wear a groin protector.
  • Female boxers can choose whether to wear a groin or chest protector.
  • Both male and female boxers must wear approved boxing gloves.

These dress code rules are in place to ensure the safety of the competitors and need to be followed at all times.

Final Thoughts

Earrings and body piercings can be beautiful and intriguing, but UFC fighters and boxers aren’t allowed to wear any jewelry while they are competing.

There are strict rules in place for these fighters when it comes to their attire, and for a good reason.

Earrings can get hooked and ripped out, or a punch to the face can land on an earring and cause a lot of damage.

Fighters can still wear earrings, though; they must just make sure to take them out before a match and take the proper precautions while training.

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