Can You Dry Lululemon Leggings?

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There’s no better feeling than cutting off the tag to your new pair of Lululemon leggings and sliding them on for the first time. When it finally comes time to wash them, you’ll want to take extra precautions to preserve them as much as possible. It’s safe to put Lululemon leggings in the washing machine, but can you also put them in the dryer? 

You can dry Lululemon leggings in the dryer, but only on a low heat setting. The leggings are made with elastic fibers, which are sensitive to heat. Exposure to high temperatures can deteriorate the material, so the company recommends drying your leggings on low heat or hanging them to air dry. 

To learn more about drying Lululemon leggings, how the dryer affects the leggings, and how to safely dry your leggings to avoid damages, read on.

What Happens if You Put Lululemon Leggings in the Dryer?

Most Lululemon leggings are made with a blend of stretchy synthetic fabrics, including elastane. Although elastane fibers are relatively durable, they have a much lower resistance to high heat than some other fabrics, such as cotton. 

Putting your Lululemon leggings in the tumble dryer on a high heat setting can cause the elastic fabric to disintegrate and stretch. It can also make the fabric feel less soft, form-fitting, and fade the material’s color. 

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But if you’ve accidentally put your leggings in the dryer, should you automatically expect the worst? 

You may get lucky and not notice any changes to your leggings after a single dry cycle, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when drying them in the future. Consistent exposure to high temperatures can ruin the material or reduce its quality over time. 

Here’s a detailed look at what can happen if you continuously dry your Lululemon leggings in the dryer on high heat: 

The Material Can Lose Its Elasticity

Elastane is designed to be stretchy, flexible, and form-fitting. But exposing it to high temperatures can melt and warp the fibers, thus affecting your leggings’ shape, appearance, and texture. As a result, the material will stretch out, causing your leggings to fall down or become loose. Once the material becomes stretched, you may find it bunching up around your knees or ankles, or you’re having trouble keeping the band pulled up over your hips. 

When the material loses its elasticity, it won’t be as flattering and seamless against your body. Instead, it can appear worn or baggy. 

The Color Can Fade

Dryer heat can also affect the leggings’ color, as the elastane fibers lose their integrity. If exposed to high temperatures, your leggings that were once a deep black shade can fade into a dusty grey color. Similarly, any light-colored leggings could appear muddied or lacking in brightness. 

The company recommends washing your Lululemon products with similar colors. Suppose you made the mistake of mixing light-colored leggings with darker clothing, and then placed the leggings in the dryer. In this case, you may have a more challenging time removing any unwanted dyes or discoloration that could have bled onto your leggings’ fabric

The Weakened Fibers Are Susceptible to Rips

As mentioned previously, placing your Lululemon leggings in the dryer on high heat can gradually weaken the elastane fibers. As the fabric loses its tenacity, it becomes prone to damages, including rips and tears. This can make the leggings less practical for exercise, yoga sessions, or your everyday activities. 

How To Safely Dry Lululemon Leggings

To preserve your Lululemon leggings for as long as possible, you should refrain from putting them in the dryer at high heat. 

You should also steer clear of any other drying methods that expose the leggings’ material to direct heat, such as using a hairdryer, an iron, or placing them directly on top of a hot radiator. 

Instead, follow these steps to dry your Lululemon leggings safely:

  1. Take them out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle is complete. Avoid leaving your leggings in the washer for long periods, as this could allow them to retain moisture, unpleasant odors, and bacteria
  2. After pulling them out of the washing machine, waft them out before gently tossing them into the dryer. If drying with other clothes, ensure you’re drying the leggings with similar fabrics and colors. You also don’t need to add a dryer sheet. 
  3. Put your dryer on the lowest setting, preferably the air dry or low-heat setting. It may take longer for your leggings to dry this way, but doing so will prevent you from damaging the material.
  4. Press start and run the cycle. Check your leggings after the cycle, making sure there are no apparent damages. If they are still damp, place them back in the dryer for another cycle. 
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Alternatively, you can also hang them up to air dry, which is what the company recommends. This method is simple enough and only requires you to place them on a hanger or drying rack. 

When setting them up to dry, make sure the leggings are folded out completely so they dry evenly. Avoid setting them too close to other wet clothes, as they may not dry as quickly. 

If you opt to air dry your leggings but have nowhere to hang them, you can invest in a heavy-duty drying rack that will keep your leggings secure. The AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Rack is an excellent option for air-drying your clothes because it’s affordable and can be used indoors or outdoors. It has three tiers to hang clothes on and folds up conveniently for easy storage.

And the best part is it won’t damage your Lululemon leggings!


You can dry Lululemon leggings in the dryer if you’re careful about the setting you put them on. Placing them on a high heat setting can result in premature deterioration because the heat breaks down the material’s elastane fibers. 

The company recommends hanging leggings up to air dry or putting them on the lowest setting in the dryer. You should always check your leggings’ label for specific care instructions.

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