man fly fishing wearing wader

How To Dry Waders

Waders are extremely useful, making them any outdoorsmen’s best friend. Whether you’re going fishing or just taking a stroll through waterlogged areas, waders will have you covered. However, taking care of them after they’ve done their job can sometimes be difficult.  Here are some of the best ways to dry your waders: Air dry your …

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fly fishermen in the river wearing chest waders

How To Store Waders

If you are a serious angler, you don’t toss your rods in a corner of the shed or the attic when the fishing season winds down for the winter. You remove the old lines from the rod, loosen the drags, and clean and lubricate the reels. Just as you maintain your angling equipment even during …

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POV pair of waterproof rubber boots in hands

PVC vs Rubber Boots

The debate surrounding whether to buy boots made from PVC or rubber has raged for years. Like the Pepsi/Coke debate or the perennial Apple/Android decision, we’re dealing with a pair of products that have pros and cons. Now, how are PVC and rubber boots different from one another? Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a synthetic material …

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girl in leggings and a hat with a handbag

Leggings vs. Pantyhose

Pantyhose and leggings are popular additions to fall and winter wardrobes. They come in various styles, can keep your legs warmer, and look great with most outfits. But, what’s the difference between leggings and pantyhose?  Leggings and pantyhose are both skin-tight legwear, but they differ significantly in opacity, weight, coverage, durability, and formality. Pantyhose are …

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young black couple jogging in street

Leggings or Shorts

Leggings and shorts are versatile because you can wear them together or separately. Leggings with shorts are especially common among wearers who don’t want their bare legs exposed. But which one is better and how do you decide which one you should wear?  Wear leggings if you don’t want to cover your legs but want …

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