Can You Wear Uggs to Work at Amazon?

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The answer to this question seems like it should be simple– you can either wear them or not. However, there are some nuanced things such as safety to consider before answering. So, can you wear Uggs to work at Amazon? 

You can wear Uggs to work at Amazon if your job allows you to. Uggs are suitable footwear if you work in a position with a casual dress code and don’t have to protect your feet from heavy machinery or other safety hazards. 

In this article, I’ll tell you more about the factors you may need to consider before wearing Uggs to work at Amazon. I’ll also touch on some of the other dress code requirements of working at Amazon and help you find the perfect outfit to go with your Uggs while you’re on the job. 

What Amazon Employees Can Wear Uggs To Work?

It’s no secret that Amazon has an unofficial dress code. Employees across Amazon’s many locations wear all sorts of exciting things to work– be it shorts, denim, pajamas, or formal dress.  

Amazon employees working in offices that have a casual dress code can wear Uggs to work. However, some Amazon offices have a more professional dress code, so you should check with your coworkers and superiors to learn more about what’s acceptable at your workplace. 

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Many Amazon employees even wear Ugg boots in their offices, and doing so isn’t as outlandish as you might think. Many workplaces even have a casual Friday. On such days, the companies encourage employees to wear their everyday street clothes. 

The exception is when employees have client meetings scheduled. Most will make sure they have more professional-looking clothing when meeting with clients. 

However, that only applies to people who work in an Amazon office. People who work in fulfillment warehouses may have “casual Friday” every day of the week!

As long as you have great performance reviews, don’t care what anyone else thinks of your attire (even though some may judge you), and aren’t making anyone else uncomfortable by wearing such warm footwear inside (or outside!), then go for it! 

Your Role Will Likely Affect What You Wear

When deciding whether to wear Uggs at work, consider how formal your role is. 

If you’re in a high-level managerial or executive position, wearing Ugg boots to work may not be a good idea. However, if you’re in an entry-level support role, there may be no reason why you can’t enjoy wearing your Uggs! 

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your boss if they have any particular dress code rules. They may expect you to come up with a compromise between comfort and professionalism. After all, discomfort at work isn’t productive.

Make sure that whatever compromise you settle on doesn’t become too much of a distraction to you or your coworkers.

Are Uggs Safe To Wear While Working at Amazon?

One thing to keep in mind is that even though Uggs are comfortable, you should wear closed-toed shoes at all times, primarily if you work in one of the Amazon Fulfillment Centers. 

Uggs are not safe to wear to work at Amazon if you work in a fulfillment center or are an Amazon driver. Uggs offer little traction and may slip off while you’re working, causing a safety hazard. 

Remember that workers have to climb ladders and maneuver through storage racks. Although there is a dress code, it’s essential for safety reasons. 

Amazon drivers may also need to watch out. According to some safety concerns for drivers, you do risk slipping when operating the vehicle. You could feel your heels lifting inside your Uggs while walking or driving, which might cause a stumble or a sudden acceleration. 

Slippage is one reason why most jobs require you to wear work boots or sneakers while you are on the clock. When you are wearing shoes that slip on like Uggs, you risk your heels popping up from the shoe, which might cause you to trip somewhere unsafe, like in front of another vehicle or on the smooth warehouse floor. 

When picking heavy items from high racks or pallets, your heel could slip out on a few occasions. It could leave you imbalanced until you can re-secure your footing. 

Styles That Go With Uggs at Work

Regardless of what level of management you are in, remember to stick with smart and classic looks

For women, it looks great to add these fashionable slippers to their wardrobe. It could be full-length leather ones during colder months or shorter sheepskin boots during warmer weather. 

Pair your favorite Uggs with a collared shirt and knee-length pencil skirt or slacks. This outfit can create a tremendous professional effect. 

When wearing these, one thing to keep in mind – yes, they are warm and cute. Still, remember that an inch of snow still feels like an inch of snow, so be careful where you walk! 

Some people are a bit hesitant about men and Ugg boots. After all, they’re usually associated with women or surfers (the shoes, not socks). However, Ugg boots for men can look very sophisticated when you plan an outfit around them. 

So, if you want something comfortable to wear at your workplace on a cold day but don’t want to sacrifice your style, give Uggs for men a chance! 

Also, it is essential to consider the comfort aspect of wearing Uggs. Many Ugg buyers have complained that their feet smell after wearing them all day long. However, others have reported that it helps their feet smell better instead of worse. 


At first glance, it would seem that Amazon has some strict regulations about what you can and cannot wear to work. Yet, they allow their employees to wear Ugg boots unless your job requires safer, more secure shoes or professional attire. 

So, bundle up with your Uggs, a sweatshirt, and then top off with an Amazon-branded jacket. Then, you will be able to walk around comfortably without breaking any company policies!

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