Can You Wear Leggings After Shaving?

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Leggings are great to wear in all weather! They’re comfortable and even match any outfit you plan to wear. However, many people wonder if they can wear leggings after shaving.

You can wear leggings after shaving. Many people prefer to shave their legs before wearing leggings. Hairs can poke through tight fabrics, which can be unpleasant. Make sure to moisturize after shaving to prevent skin irritation. Once shaved, go on and wear leggings!

I included all the important information you need to know about wearing leggings after shaving in this article, so keep reading.

Shaving Before Wearing Leggings Is Ideal

If you’re going to wear thin leggings, it’s usually a good idea to shave. Sometimes, the hairs on your legs can catch in the fabric and cause you pain.

With tights, in particular, you’ll want to shave first. They’re thinner than leggings, and your hair can even cut through the nylon when it’s in that “sharp” stage a few days after shaving.

While your hair won’t rip leggings, it can still stick out and stab you during the day. Many women hate the feeling and shave before wearing them.

You should also let your skin breathe after shaving when you can. Otherwise, you may experience irritation from wearing tight clothing after shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Tips on Shaving Before Wearing Leggings

If you’re going to wear leggings right after shaving, you’ll want to make sure you moisturize your skin. A little bit of oil or lotion restores moisture to your skin, preventing it from drying out. You also want to avoid ingrown hairs and nicks, which can be uncomfortable rubbing against tight fabrics.

The leggings also help to trap the lotion against your skin, forcing it to absorb more of it. You may want to reapply more cream or oil when you get home and change at the end of the day. The moisture can also help you avoid bumps appearing from the friction of your leggings. 

You also need to make sure you switch out your razor blades every so often to avoid them. The Gillette Venus Mini comes with three blade refills, a travel case, and an attached gel bar that protects your skin. Its gel is water-activated, so using it in the shower helps prevent nicks and ingrown hairs on your legs.

Overall, you can quickly wear leggings right after shaving! You should dry off as much as possible, then add some lotion first. You’ll feel much more comfortable when you do.

Why Do My Leg Hairs Hurt When Wearing Leggings?

Your leg hairs hurt when wearing leggings because they can get trapped in your leggings’ fabric, depending on the material’s length and thickness. As you move around during the day, the fabric tugs on your leg hair.

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While it won’t hurt much at first, your leg hair connects with your skin and muscles. If you wear leggings all day, your legs can start to hurt a lot after dealing with all that tugging!

However, it all depends on how thick and long your leg hair is. Some people can easily wear leggings to hide their leg hair. In contrast, others feel uncomfortable since the material pulls on their hair all day. 

Tight clothing, such as your leggings, can cause friction as well. Friction can lead to bumps appearing on your legs, known as ingrown hairs. If these do occur, you don’t want to pick at them—you could get a worse infection if you do.

Use Aloe Vera To Get Rid of Red Bumps

Red bumps, also known as razor burn, can appear after shaving, making it painful to wear leggings. Luckily, it’s easy to deal with them.

aloe vera

Apply some aloe vera to the bumps. You only need a thin layer of aloe for the bumps to help heal them. It speeds up the healing time quite a bit. Plus, it’s easy to find aloe vera at any pharmacy. It’s also easy to grow your own aloe plant for this purpose!

In short, it’s good to know that you have options if your leggings cause red bumps to appear on your skin. This issue is more common when you don’t use a clean razor or have more sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can wear leggings after shaving! Many people prefer to shave before wearing them. After shaving, it helps to use an oil or lotion to restore hydration to your skin. Adding moisture also helps to prevent the tight fabric from irritating your skin.

Leggings consist of a tight, thin fabric, which can allow your hair to poke through. During the day, the material can pull on them and cause you pain. However, you can always skip shaving if this doesn’t happen to you! Whether or not you want to shave before wearing leggings is up to you.

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