Can You Wear Leggings To Play Volleyball?

female beach volleyball player in leggings on the volleyball court

Leggings are a popular sports attire. Many prefer this article of clothing over shorts when it comes to athletic wear because they’re warm, flexible, and comfortable. But is it appropriate to wear leggings while playing volleyball?

You can wear leggings to play volleyball as long as they’re good-quality, flexible, and breathable. While leggings are an option, most volleyball players tend to wear shorts or bun-hugger shorts. Alternatively, you can wear shorts with built-in leggings.

The rest of this article will discuss whether or not it’s okay to wear leggings to play volleyball and tips on how to dress appropriately for the sport.

You Can Wear Leggings To Play Volleyball

Leggings are a perfectly acceptable choice for playing volleyball. They’re great because they’re fitting and offer good skin coverage — excellent for female players who don’t want to show too much skin. Furthermore, leggings can protect players from the sun during beach volleyball. 

female beach volleyball athlete on the volleyball court wearing leggings

Some people don’t prefer leggings because they can be more restrictive than volleyball shorts. Also, some leggings can get damaged easily from the friction during dives and slides. But wearing high-quality leggings will ensure you can play volleyball comfortably and confidently.

Shorts are more common than leggings when it comes to volleyball. That’s because shorts are flexible and easy to wear. While they don’t protect players from the sun while playing volleyball outdoors, they allow more ventilation.

If you don’t want to wear shorts and prefer more skin coverage, you can wear shorts and leggings together —  shorts with built-in leggings! They’re meant to be flexible and are functional for those playing indoors or outdoors.

How You Should Dress When Playing Volleyball

Playing volleyball is a great way to stay active, bond with other players, and enjoy the sport at a more involved level.

Here’s what you should wear when playing volleyball:

  • Comfortable socks: Though socks are an accessory that’s often overlooked, they’re vital when playing sports because they prevent your feet from getting blisters. Ensure you acquire proper athletic socks before playing volleyball, such as these Nike Training Socks. They’re cotton mixed, easy to wash, and available in two colors.
  • Athletic shoes: The right shoes can either make or break your volleyball-playing experience. If you don’t have access to volleyball shoes and only play volleyball recreationally, I recommend these Adidas running shoes to promote comfort and safety. They have rubber soles, and the shoes are lightweight.
  • Volleyball shoes: Playing volleyball formally instead of recreationally typically means that you’ll need to purchase some volleyball shoes of your own—regular old running shoes probably won’t cut. I recommend these Nike volleyball shoes. They have a lateral strap for stability and rubber soles for traction.
  • Stretchy leggings: Athletic leggings are perfectly acceptable for volleyball. I recommend these Under Armour athletic leggings. They’re available in various colors and are easy to clean.
  • Volleyball shorts: Though leggings are great for volleyball, you may also consider wearing shorts. For some, leggings are more restrictive than conventional volleyball shorts, which are shorter in length and allow for more movement.
  • Sports bra: If you need one, an athletic sports bra can give you extra support and make it more comfortable to play volleyball. Adidas sports bras are an excellent option. They come in many colors and are made of good material. 
  • Athletic top: The top you wear depends on the situation. You can wear any long or short-sleeved top if the material is breathable and flexible. Consider wearing this Nike sports tank top if you’re playing on the beach or in another warm setting. It’s not too tight and has a mesh panel for proper ventilation, keeping you cool while playing.
  • Athletic jacket: If you’re playing in a colder setting, it might be wise to bring a sports jacket with you.
  • Hair ties: If you have long hair, it might be wise to put your hair up while playing so it stays out of the way. Make sure you bring a hair tie or a scrunchie when playing volleyball.
  • Athletic headband: Wearing an athletic headband will help keep the hair out of your eyes, so you can focus better on your playing technique instead of worrying about keeping your hair away from your face. This Nike athletic headband can help with that. This made-in-USA headband has a rib-knit lining that provides additional cooling. It also wicks moisture well.
  • Visor: Wearing the right visor can keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re playing outdoors, protecting your vision and boosting your performance. This Adidas visor will surely do the job. It’s free-size, available in many colors, and excellent at wicking moisture.
  • Fitted sleeves: Though athletic jackets can be a bit bulky and restrictive in formal volleyball settings, you can still get cold. Fitted sleeves can be a great way to keep your skin warm and dry while playing. These Nike fitted sleeves can help with that. It wicks moisture well, keeping you dry throughout the game.


Leggings are acceptable in volleyball. Proper athletic leggings can provide you with comfort, warmth, flexibility, and style. But for some, leggings can be restrictive, hence choosing shorts over leggings. Alternatively, you can consider shorts with built-in leggings. They’re great, too.

Hopefully, these attire tips have provided you with some guidance so your volleyball-playing experience can be as enjoyable as possible.

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