Can You Wear Socks With Uggs?

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Love them or hate them, Uggs are around to stay. These Australian-made boots are a staple in every basic girl’s closet and are worn throughout the year because they are just so comfy! Whether you choose to wear them with sweats in the fall or a pair of shorts when you’re out running errands in summer, the question remains, can you wear socks with Uggs?

You should not wear socks with Uggs. Genuine Uggs are made from sheepskin, and wearing them without socks offers several benefits that you won’t experience if you wear them with socks. These benefits include making your feet comfy, regulating your body temperature, and providing a customized fit.

Uggs are made from A-Grade Merino wool, and apart from being trendy – or not! – there are benefits to wearing original Uggs made from this high-quality material sans socks. Continue reading to find out why these boots worn without socks are good for your feet and overall well-being.

Natural Fibers Offer a Host of Benefits to Naked Feet

As previously mentioned, the inside of Uggs is made of sheepskin which is a natural fiber. Many other brands make boots from synthetic materials, requiring you to wear them with socks. 

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Wool, on the other hand, is the opposite. To reap the rewards, you need to wear them without socks. Apart from feeling soft and cozy against your bare feet, some of the benefits of wearing Uggs sans socks are:

  • It regulates your body temperature.
  • It provides ventilation, allowing your feet to breathe.
  • Uggs mold to the shape of your feet and provide a customized fit.

It Regulates Your Body Temperature

Sheepskin is a natural fiber. The wool is soft and hollow and can regulate the temperature of your feet, keeping them warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. This is only possible if your skin comes into direct contact with the wool. 

By maintaining the optimal temperature of your feet, the rest of your body temperature becomes stable. This, in turn, stabilizes your blood pressure which is crucial in maintaining overall good health.

It Provides Ventilation, Allowing Your Feet To Breathe

You might think that wearing socks with your Uggs will prevent your foot odor from being transferred to your Uggs. This is not necessary and counterproductive. Sheepskin naturally absorbs moisture and provides ventilation, allowing your feet to breathe. 

This keeps your feet dry and prevents bacteria from developing. All you have to do is make sure that your feet are clean whenever you put on your Uggs. As long as your feet are always clean, your Uggs won’t smell regardless of how often you wear them. 

Uggs Mold to the Shape of Your Feet and Provide a Customized Fit

When you put on your Uggs, you probably notice that they feel luxuriously thick and cushiony. The thick padding is meant to mold to your feet, creating a customized fit specially designed for you. 

When the boot takes the shape of your foot, it enables your weight to be evenly distributed on your pressure points and supports your joints, reducing joint and muscle strain. Wearing socks with your Uggs prevents the fibers from molding to your feet, and the benefits of the natural fibers are then lost. 

If You Must Wear Socks

If you feel you need to wear socks with your Uggs, opt for socks made from natural materials like cotton or wool. Although wearing any socks is not ideal, it is better than socks made with synthetic materials. 

Synthetic materials will interfere with the natural wool fibers and will not allow your feet to breathe, potentially causing your feet and then your Uggs to smell. 

Synthetic fabrics also trap in heat which, is what makes your feet sweaty. 

Caring for Your Uggs

It’s safe to assume that your Uggs are the shoes you wear the most – regardless of the weather. If you plan on keeping your Uggs around for the long haul, follow these tips to keep them clean and looking new. 

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Never Put Your Uggs in the Washing Machine

Chucking your Uggs into the washing machine might seem like a quick fix to get them looking spanking new, but this is not a good idea. Sheepskin and wool are delicate, and knocking around in a washing machine with harsh laundry detergent will damage your boots. 

To clean your Uggs, either use the specially formulated cleaning set from the Ugg company or a damp cloth and a mild, wool-safe detergent to clean the boots gently. Don’t scrub or use a brush with stiff bristles, as this will damage the suede. 

Don’t Let Your Uggs Stand in Water

Uggs are not waterproof and are not designed for walking in the rain or snow. Sheepskin absorbs moisture, so leaving your Uggs in water will likely result in them losing their shape. Since the outside of your Uggs is suede, watermarks can develop, which can be challenging to remove. 

Allow Uggs to Air Dry

If your Uggs get wet, don’t put them away until they are completely dry. Leave them out to air dry before storing them in a closet. Storing wet Ugg boots in a closet increases the chances of mold developing in the boots, and your Uggs will be permanently damaged. 

Keep Uggs Away From Direct Sources of Heat

As important as it is to make sure your Uggs dry completely before storing, you need to be patient. Keep Uggs out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources like hairdryers and heaters. It might be tempting to give your Uggs a quick blast with your hairdryer, but the heat will cause the color to fade and potentially dry out the natural fibers, making them brittle. 

Maintain the Shape by Stuffing the Inside

When your Uggs have dried naturally and are ready to be stored, stuff the inside to help them maintain their shape. You can stuff them with a variety of objects, including any of the following: 

  • Paper
  • Paper towels
  • Cardboard 

Final Thoughts

Wearing socks with your Uggs is a personal choice, but there are benefits to wearing these cozy boots without socks. It is recommended to wear Uggs without socks to regulate your body’s temperature and allow ventilation. Doing so will also allow the Uggs to mold to your feet to offer the best support. If you choose to wear socks, make sure they are made from natural fibers.

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