Can You Wear UGGs To Work at Walmart?

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Many retail businesses have adopted casual dress codes. So if you’re going to dress casually, why not wear your UGGs when working at Walmart?

You shouldn’t wear UGGs to work at Walmart. UGGs are an excellent choice for lounging at home—since they’re very comfortable—but not for work. They don’t have ankle support or adequate grip, and their warm lining can cause hot, sweaty feet.

This article will explain what attributes make UGGs inappropriate work attire. I’ll also give suggestions for what to wear instead. Keep reading.

UGGs Aren’t Sturdy Enough for Work

Due to their soft, flexible materials, fleece-like lining, and loose fit, UGGs are both cozy and stylish. But despite Walmart’s casual dress code, I can’t suggest wearing UGGs to work.

Firstly, UGGs have no ankle support, and at Walmart, you’ll be expected to move merchandise if needed. No one wants to twist their ankle at work.

Secondly, as many UGGs owners will testify, their soles are slippery and can cause falls. 

Thirdly, UGGs’ lining makes them warm, and the weatherproofed suede doesn’t breathe. Damp boots are perfect for contracting foot fungus.

What Can You Wear To Work at Walmart?

You can wear formal or casual clothing to work at Walmart, as long as it’s decent and comfortable. Wearing colored t-shirts without graphics or slogans, unripped jeans, white socks, and white sneakers is advisable. Dressing formally or semi-formally is fine, too.

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If you choose to dress more formally, I suggest going for dark-colored dress pants, white button-down shirts, black socks, and black dress shoes.

In addition, you should choose loose-fitting clothing that allows for bending and won’t rip if you have to lift merchandise.

You Can Dress Casually To Work at Walmart

Sometimes, you may wish to dress in comfortable clothing. If you’re a woman looking to dress casually, I suggest:

  • T-shirts of any color, like this Hanes Short Sleeve T-Shirt. This stylishly-cut shirt’s 100% cotton. It also comes in many colors, is pre-shrunk, and has a tear-off label.
  • Clean, unripped denim jeans, like these Wrangler’s Straight Leg Jeans. These jeans are stretch fabric and come in several colors, including white.
  • White socks, like these Hanes Comfort Toe Socks. These socks are moisture-wicking. They’re also cushioned, with a smooth toe seam.
  • White sneakers with a low heel, like these Feversole Lace-Up Sneakers. These shoes are fashionable, and easy to pair with any outfit. They also have a non-slip sole.

In addition, some managers may allow you to wear modest dresses. However, it’s a good idea to ask permission first in most cases.

Meanwhile, if you’re a man, I suggest:

  • T-shirts of any color, like these Gildan Crew T-Shirts. These t-shirts have no neck tags. They’re also made of moisture-wicking fabrics, and have durable, covered seams.
  • Clean, unripped denim jeans, like these Wrangler’s Regular Fit Jeans. These jeans have a zippered and buttoned closure. In addition, they are breathable and durable.
  • White socks, like these Hanes Cushion Crew Socks. These socks have comfortable full-foot cushioning.
  • White sneakers, like these Lugz Flip Sneakers. These shoes are fashionable and easy to pair with any outfit. They’re also made of breathable canvas.

In all cases—men or women—make sure your shirts don’t have slogans or graphics, and your jeans aren’t ripped, even for fashion’s sake.

Dressing Formally To Work at Walmart Is Also Acceptable

Other times, you may want to dress to impress, especially when starting a new position. If you’re a woman looking to do so, I suggest:

  • Dark dress pants, like these Lee Regular Fit Trouser Pants. These pants are stretch fabric, with a zipper and button closure. In addition, they have four pockets.
  • White button-down shirts, like this Beninos White Shirt. This shirt has darts to reduce bagginess. It’s also easy to match with the rest of your outfit.
  • Black socks, like these Amazon Essentials Cushioned Socks. These socks have smooth toe seams. They’re also thick enough to absorb some moisture.
  • Black dress shoes with a low heel, like these Clarks Loafers. These shoes have no eye-catching details, and only a 1.02-inch heel, allowing you to look dressy without limiting your movements.

If you’re a man, I suggest:

  • Dress pants in black or navy, like these Dickies Work Pants. These pants have a zipper and hook-and-eye closure. They’re also durable stretch fabric.
  • White button-down shirts, like this Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Oxford Shirt. This shirt’s tailored to slim the torso. In addition, it’s made of lightweight materials.
  • Black socks, like these Amazon Essentials Cushioned Socks. These socks have cushioned soles to help with sore feet. They’re also made of absorbent materials.
  • Black dress shoes, like these Bruno Marc Formal Oxfords. These shoes are simple, with no embellishments. Also, they’re lightweight and have a flexible sole.

Make sure to tuck your shirt loosely into your pants, and wear your Walmart vest over top. Pull your pant legs down, so no skin shows above your socks.

Wearing Piercings and Tattoos To Work at Walmart Is Okay

As part of a campaign to encourage their employees to express their style, Walmart allows unnatural dye colors, unusual haircuts, and sometimes, even piercings or tattoos.

However, your manager may ask you to make adjustments, such as changing your piercing jewelry—whatever it may be—to jewelry with clear ends or studs. Also, you may be asked to cover your tattoos or only certain tattoos. 

These decisions are made individually on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll need to ask what your manager expects of you.


In 2018, Walmart eased dress code restrictions. Since then, it has upheld casual and formal codes.

Unfortunately, UGGs aren’t appropriate work attire. They’re slippery, have no ankle support, and can be too warm. In addition, dress codes exist as a tool for companies like Walmart to improve sales and foster employee relations.

I suggest you dress in standard work attire for working at Walmart, like t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Or, if you’re dressing formally, dark-colored dress pants, white button-down shirts, and black dress shoes. Piercings and tattoos are acceptable.

If in doubt, ask the manager at your store.

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