Can You Wear Cross Jewelry if You Are Not Religious?

gold chain with crosses and skulls pendants on white textile background

Cross jewelry has its direct affiliation with Christianity. However, it’s also becoming a fashion statement among religious and non-religious people due to its beautiful, minimalist design. In this situation, a question arises whether it’s okay for non-religious people to wear a cross or not. 

You can wear cross jewelry if you’re not religious. However, when you wear a religious symbol, it indirectly communicates your religious inclination. If you’re okay with people assuming you’re religious, you’re free to wear cross jewelry.

Additionally, for the sake of compassion, you should also ensure that your fashion statements don’t hurt the feelings of or insult believers. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should know before wearing cross jewelry, whether all crosses are the same, and what the meaning of the Cristian cross is. Let’s get started! 

Things You Should Know Before Wearing Cross Jewelry

You may find various opinions on non-religious people wearing cross jewelry. All the views can be categorized into three major groups; believers, non-believers, and neutralists. Every group has different opinions regarding the same thing.

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A believer can appreciate that you respect their beliefs by wearing a cross next to your heart. In other cases, an extremist can get offended by the fact that you’re wearing a cross just for the sake of fashion. 

On the other hand, some non-believers can appreciate the design of the jewelry, and some can shun you, mistaking you as a religious person. However, the majority of people will be neutral to it. They’ll neither object nor appreciate. 

Before wearing a cross as a fashion statement, know the type and the meaning of the cross you’ll wear. That way, when a conversation strikes, you know about the topic. 

Type of The Cross You Are Wearing

As they say, the way you style is the way you are. People will conclude what you’re up to even before you speak. While opting for a religious symbol as a jewelry piece or fashion statement, you must know its meaning and keep in mind that your style will speak louder than your inner ideology. 

All crosses aren’t the same. Moreover, some crosses aren’t related to Christianity whatsoever. Please know your cross-type and see if its meaning aligns with your personality and ideology or not. 

Here’s a list of some famous types of crosses

  • Latin Cross: It’s the most prominent Christian cross across the globe. The defining feature of this cross are the three equal arms at the top and a fourth elongated arm at the bottom. 
  • Greek Cross: The Greek cross is similar to the Latin cross. However, it has all four components of equal length – more like a plus sign than what most people would call a cross.
  • The Ankh: This cross isn’t a symbol of Christianity. Instead, it’s an Egyptian symbol that symbolizes the cyclical nature of life. The only difference from the Latin cross is a teardrop-shaped loop in place of the upper arm. 
  • Sun Cross: The Sun cross or solar cross is an astrological sign and a wheel symbol. People who believe in astrology wear this symbol to connect with the eternal source of energy. The Sun cross has a cross inside a circle.   
  • Tau Cross: This cross is dedicated to a Catholic saint Anthony the Abbot. He’s considered the father of all monks and holds a significant place in orthodox churches. This cross is shaped like the English letter T.
  • Upside-Down Cross: Peter the Apostle, one of the disciples of Jesus, requested that he be crucified upside-down as he didn’t want himself to be hanged the same way as Jesus. The upside-down cross symbolizes the devotion of Peter towards Jesus. However, the upside-down cross can also be seen as Satanic or as a mockery of religion.
  • Russian Orthodox Cross: The Russian orthodox cross is similar to the Latin cross. However, it consists of a diagonal line in the lower portion of the bottom arm and one small horizontal line on the top arm. The diagonal line indicates the crucifixion of two thieves along with Jesus Christ. This symbol is closest to the original design of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. 

Meaning of the Christian Cross

Most of the crosses mentioned above are variations of the Christian cross. Hence, they all signify the most important event of Christianity – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Moreover, a cross symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice for the sake of humanity. 

Although some people say it symbolizes death, it means Atonement (the reconciliation of men and women with God). Jesus’ crucifixion was God’s will to restore humanity on the earth. That’s why wearing a cross signifies that the person is connected to God. 

Some Christians believe that the cross gives them strength and saves them from negative forces. At the same time, others wear it to remind themselves of the teachings of Jesus.  

One Thing To Keep in Mind While Wearing Cross Jewelry

Your attire has a more significant impact on you and surrounding people than you might think, especially when you wear a religious symbol. Wearing a cross can stimulate certain situations of which you should be aware.

While wearing a cross as a necklace, bracelet, or a ring, people might come to you and strike up a conversation because of it. It’d help to keep in mind that whatever opinions you hold shouldn’t create an unnecessary conflict. If you’re not a religious person and wear a cross just for the sake of its design, it’d be best to be neutral about the beliefs of Christianity at that point. 

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Moreover, if an extremist objects to your freedom of wearing a cross, you can handle the situation better by being a neutralist or just clarifying that you don’t want to talk about this matter. A fashion statement that had the sole purpose of adding value to your appearance and life shouldn’t end up becoming a bone of contention.


Our style is like a window that provides glimpses of our inner self. Wearing a cross has no legal or social foundation. However, wearing a cross may have some moral responsibilities to avoid conflicting views and establish harmony in society through our fashion style. 

Knowing the meaning of the symbol, avoiding extreme opinions, and respecting others’ feelings are the only eligibility one needs to wear a cross or any other religious symbol.

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