Can You Wear Earrings on a Roller Coaster?

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If you love adventure, then a roller coaster ride would be an exhilarating experience for you. To stay comfortable, safe, and have fun on a roller coaster, it’s best to wear appropriate clothes and accessories. However, what about earrings; are they safe to wear on a roller coaster? 

You can wear earrings on a roller coaster if the roller coaster’s rules allow it or there is no mention of a ban on earrings. Even if there is no ban on wearing earrings, go for small, simple, light earrings that are comfortable to wear. Avoid earrings that could pose a danger to your safety. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss when you can wear earrings on a roller coaster and when you cannot. I will also explain the kinds of earrings to wear and not to wear on a roller coaster. Here we go.

When You Can Wear Earrings on a Roller Coaster

When going on a roller coaster adventure, you want to look stylish as you enjoy the steep slopes, tight turns, inversions, etc. Wearing earrings is one way of doing that. However, you can only wear earrings on a roller coaster under certain circumstances, as explained below:

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When the Roller Coaster Allows the Wearing of Earrings

When you visit an amusement park, you find different roller coasters. The park management gives you rules on what to wear while using any roller coaster; they do this for your safety. Some roller coasters may allow you to wear earrings; if they do, you can go ahead and wear them.  

When the Roller Coaster Has No Rules About Wearing Earrings

If the roller coaster has no rules about wearing earrings, you can confidently wear your earrings. For instance, some roller coasters with lap bar restraints do not have earring rules. Rides on such roller coasters are usually smooth and comfortable, and earrings may not, therefore, pose any risk.

When You Cannot Wear Earrings on a Roller Coaster

Some roller coasters prohibit wearing earrings for your safety and comfort. For instance, many roller coasters with over-the-shoulders-restraints (OTSRs) prohibit wearing earrings. In a roller coaster with OTSRs, you sit upright, and the restraints secure your torso and head; you could hit your ears against the harnesses. 

If you are wearing earrings, your ears could experience discomfort or pain. So, if the roller coaster states that you cannot wear earrings, remove them.  

Earrings To Wear on a Roller Coaster

As mentioned earlier, you can wear earrings on some roller coasters. However, common sense dictates that some earrings are suitable for roller coasters while others are not. Below are the earrings to wear on a roller coaster:

Stud Earrings

You can wear stud earrings on a roller coaster as they are small and conservative and do not protrude from your ears. There’s little chance of them hurting your ears during a rough ride, thus making them safe to wear. There is a wide variety of stud earrings for men and women, including a single stone, a cluster of stones, or round metal balls.

Plastic Earrings

Plastic earrings are great to wear on a roller coaster because they are lightweight; they thus do not burden your ears and are unlikely to hurt them during the ride. Plastic earrings are also cheap, so you do not have to worry about losing them. For your roller coaster ride, go for small, conservative sizes. 

Earrings To Avoid Wearing on a Roller Coaster

Although you can wear earrings on some roller coasters, there are some earrings you should not wear. Below are some earrings you should avoid wearing on a roller coaster:

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Hoop Earrings

Although hoop earrings are glamorous, it is best to avoid wearing them on a roller coaster. Since they are semi-circular or circular, the wind can blow an article of clothing, e.g., a scarf, as you ride, and it could get stuck on the hoops. You could hurt yourself as you try to disentangle the scarf from the earrings. 

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are beautiful, but they are not ideal for wearing on a roller coaster. These earrings hang from your earlobes downward, and they could get caught in your clothes or hair during the ride. You could hurt your ears as you try to disengage the earrings from your hair or clothes in the middle of the ride. 

Clip-On Earrings

It is not advisable to wear clip-on earrings on a roller coaster, no matter how tiny they are. Since clip-on earrings do not have posts or stoppers, they can easily fall from your ears as you ride. You see, some roller coasters are rough, and you could quickly lose your clip-on earrings during the ride. 


The management of roller coasters makes rules to ensure the safety of their visitors. Some roller coaster rides are a low thrill, mild thrill, moderate thrill, high thrill, or aggressive. Therefore, some roller coasters may ban wearing earrings for your safety; you should thus respect the management’s decision.

If a roller coaster allows you to wear earrings, wear ones that will keep you safe and comfortable. In addition, leave your precious or sentimental earrings at home; do not wear them on a roller coaster as you could lose them.

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