Ruth’s Chris Dress Code

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Ruth’s Chris is one of the best steakhouses around, making it an incredibly popular restaurant for a fancy night out. There is some debate about the dress code for Ruth’s Chris, but the establishment itself has made its expectations quite clear. 

The dress code at Ruth’s Chris is business casual and is strictly enforced. Women should wear a dress, skirt, or dress pants with a nice blouse, while men should wear a button-down shirt or polo with khakis or dress pants. 

In the rest of this article, I will go over some important questions like whether you can wear jeans to Ruth’s Chris and how strictly they enforce their dress code. I’ll also go into more detail on the dress code for women and men and give you a few ideas of what you can wear to this establishment. 

stylish wealthy couple with menu in a restaurant

Can You Wear Jeans in Ruth’s Chris?

If you are preparing for a nice meal out at Ruth’s Chris, it’s crucial to understand this establishment’s dress code. Ruth’s Chris dress code is business casual, so what does that mean? Can you wear jeans if you want to?

You cannot wear jeans to Ruth’s Chris as this restaurant’s dress code requires business casual to enter. Patrons not meeting the dress code requirements will more than likely be sent away. 

However, depending on which Ruth’s Chris you are eating at, the time of day, and the staff present, you may get away with wearing a nice pair of jeans. Some people have had success getting seated in jeans while others have not. 

But why risk it? It’s better to be safe than sorry. So I would certainly recommend not pushing your luck and instead arrive in the requested business casual attire. 

How Strict Is Ruth’s Chris Dress Code?

Ruth’s Chris is a pretty nice steak house that strives to give off an air of class. So if you are planning a meal at this establishment and aren’t sure if what you have packed fits the dress code, you should definitely do your best to comply. 

Ruth’s Chris dress code is relatively strict, requiring patrons to wear business casual in order to eat at their restaurant. Therefore, guests that show up in torn jeans, t-shirts, and other casual wear will not be seated. You will also be asked to remove any hats if you wear one. 

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As I previously stated, you might be able to get away with wearing something more casual. It will depend on if the staff notice or not. I recommend going in the requested business casual attire so as to avoid any awkwardness. 

However, it’s important to note that on Ruth’s Chris’s official website, they state that proper attire is required for entry. They also ask that all hats are removed before entering, and they will never permit anyone wearing gym wear, swimming suits, tank tops, revealing clothing, flip flops, or exposed undergarments in the main dining room. 

Ruth’s Chris Women’s Dress Code

If you are a woman preparing for a nice outing at Ruth’s Chris, it’s time to talk about what you should wear to this establishment. Ruth’s Chris is a high-end restaurant, and they follow their desired dress code quite strictly. 

Here are a few ideas for women’s business casual attire to meet the Ruth’s Chris dress code: 

  • Dress pants with a classy blouse
  • Pencil skirt and a dressy top
  • A classy dress paired with heels or simple closed-toed flats
  • A women’s suit with heels or nice closed-toed shoes
  • Heels paired with any business casual outfit
  • A woman’s blazer over a more casual look to class it up

So basically, whatever you would wear when working in a business office. If you are still struggling to develop an idea of what to wear to this restaurant, I recommend the PRETTYGARDEN Office Tie Dress (available on Amazon). This cute dress is the perfect example of business casual, plus it will be super comfy for a nice dinner. 

Remember that Ruth’s Chris dress code doesn’t permit tank tops or revealing clothing of any kind when planning your outfit for this restaurant. 

Ruth’s Chris Men’s Dress Code

As for the Men’s dress code for Ruth’s Chris, men will also be required to show up to the restaurant dressed in business casual attire. So let’s take a look at a few examples of these kinds of clothing. 

Business casual ideas that meet Ruth’s Chris men’s dress code include:

  • Button-down shirt, a nice pair of pants, and dress shoes
  • Dress pants with any button-down or collared shirt
  • Khakis with a classy collared shirt, preferably button-down 
  • A nice collared shirt paired with dress pants 
  • A classy polo with dress pants or khakis
  • Dress shoes with any business casual outfit
  • A nice suit with dress shoes

Basically, you will want to dress as if you are about to attend an important business meeting. This is because Ruth’s Chris aims to keep an ambiance of class, thus requiring their patrons to dress to a certain standard. 

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Remember that the dress code at this establishment is quite strictly enforced, and you will want to follow it carefully. This means that your look should never contain a hat (as you will be asked to remove it before entering), no shorts, no tennis shoes, or jeans. Also, you will want to make sure that none of your undergarments are showing, or you will be asked to leave. 

Final Thoughts

Ruth’s Chris’s official dress code is business casual, and they strictly enforce this dress code. This means you will be turned away for wearing jeans, a t-shirt, shorts, athletic wear, pool attire, or any other casual clothing. Hats are also never permitted in the dining area. 

Ultimately you can wear what you want, but just keep in mind that they have the right to refuse service to you if you are not complying with their dress code. Therefore, I would recommend following the business casual rules to get the most out of your dining experience and to avoid any unpleasantness.

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