Fogo de Chao Dress Code

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Fogo de Chao has been at the forefront of creating what food journalist and cookbook author Dotty Griffith once called the “meat eater’s Mecca.” With an upgraded version of the rodízio concept, it brings Sao Paulo to you in an exquisite churrascaria dining experience. But when you’re getting a buffet with all the meat you can eat in such a classy ambiance, the dress code often becomes a concern.

Fogo de Chao doesn’t have a dress code, but most diners wear business casual and dressy casual outfits. Men often wear solid-color trousers, light-colored suits, and patterned shirts, while women wear dresses, blouses, non-denim skirts/pants,  pantsuits, and jumpsuits.

Ultimately, the ideal outfit depends on why, where, and when you’re dining. This article will explain the oh-so-famous business casual and dressy casual looks for dining at Fogo de Chao to help you understand the best outfit choices for men and women for different occasions. Get ready for all the tips you need to make a killer appearance for your Brazilian steakhouse dining experience. 

Fogo de Chao Dress Code for Men

Brazilian rodízio dining is a centuries-old culture that fuses the buffet style with family-style dining. It may have begun as a street-side idea, but Fogo de Chao hasn’t kept it there. 

The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere that’s great for celebrations. So if you’re there for a special occasion, you’ll fit right in even if you dress all the way up for it. If you’re aiming for a full black-tie fit, the atmosphere there is relaxed enough that you don’t have to follow all the rules. 

The Fogo de Chao dress code for men is business casual or dressy casual depending on the occasion. The dressy-casual look is a hybrid of the relaxed and formal looks and is ideal for dining. The business casual look is a bit more formal than a dressy casual outfit and is suited to celebrations.

A dressy casual outfit goes a couple of notches up from being fully casual without quite hitting the bar for a business casual outfit. Whether the proper black-tie look or a more adventurous variant, a formal or business casual outfit is excellent for celebrations.

An excellent fit for the dressy casual ambiance is the classic combo of a button-down shirt for a dash of formality with a pair of simple trousers for a more laid-back vibe. A light-colored velvet or wooly suit and no tie or a bold print or patterned shirt can be paired with solid-color grounded pants for an outfit that is just dressy enough. 

A business casual look, on the other hand, should be a step up from the dressy casual look. It should be more “business” than “casual”, so you look sophisticated without being overdressed. 

If you’re wearing just about anything reasonable, you won’t get turned back, so don’t sweat it too much. Diners are usually too busy celebrating their special occasions and doting on their meat skewers to pay much attention. Something as super casual as flip-flops or ripped jeans could be so out of place that you’ll stick out in an unpleasant way, though, so you should avoid those. 

Fogo de Chao Dress Code for Women

The Fogo de Chao dress code for women allows formal outfits and most casual outfit variants. The restaurant is popular for being a haven for all types of diners, so a formal or casual dress will fit in just as well as a casual jeans-and-shirt get-up. 

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For a special occasion, you could tilt towards the traditional end with a cocktail dress, a more casual chiffon sundress, or a day dress, especially for summer events. However, you might want to keep things pretty simple with your makeup and jewelry, depending on what you’re celebrating. 

Rachel Torgerson of the Cosmopolitan put it perfectly when she described a dressy casual outfit as not-all-the-way-formal-but-please-don’t-wear-jean-shorts: 

  • If you want to pull off the dressy casual look but without a dress, a trendy jumpsuit or pantsuit is a great alternative. 
  • A short or long-sleeved blouse with a pair of colorful or patterned non-denim trousers or a midi skirt can also create a memorable outfit that makes just the right statement. 

These are more adventurous outfits, but they’re also less safe, so stay careful when choosing those colors! Remember, it’s nearly never a good idea to mix patterns, and more colorful tones are best paired with neutral ones. 

High heels, especially strappy sandals, are easily the top choice for effortless chic footwear. Oxfords and ballet flats are also great for business casual looks and the occasional dressy casual outfit. At the same time, ankle boots and wedges can be the icing on the cake of your outfit, so don’t throw out other ideas too early in favor of heels. 

The casual look for dining at Fogo de Chao doesn’t usually extend to sneakers or running shoes, so you might want to avoid those if you’re a fan of playing it safe.

What Determines the Dress Norm at Fogo De Chao?

The location, season, and the time of the day you’re dining determine the dress norm at Fogo de Chao. Officially, all Fogo de Chao locations have no dress code. But like many other restaurants, the norm depends on what most diners are wearing, which is often influenced by the above factors

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For example, many businesses use the Dallas steakhouse to entertain clients. Thus, the atmosphere is usually quite formal, and you might feel out of place in overly casual wear. The Miami South Beach location, on the other hand, usually has a ton of beach-loungers, so you should fit right in with a pair of dress shorts. 

The season will also determine the overall dress code. Casual, airy outfits like jeans and polo shirts are very common in the summer, but business casual and dressy casual take the lead in other seasons.

If you’re dining during business hours, a business casual outfit will be ideal. If you’d like to find out what’s more popular at your Fogo de Chao, at a particular time of the year, look up the restaurant and give them a call. 


At Fogo de Chao, you’ll be getting a meal to remember with all the delicious grilled meat you can eat. Diners leave pounds heavier than they came in, and you’ll most certainly be stuffed to the brim. While trying to make a great outfit statement, you should also ensure you’re dressed as comfortably as possible to fully enjoy the churrascaria experience!

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