group of friends partying in a nightclub and toasting drinks

Miami Club Dress Code

Miami is a beautiful seaside city in the southeastern portion of the state of Florida. It was originally inhabited by natives (the Tequesta) and later settled by Spaniards in the 1500s. Today it sports some of the most excellent nightclubs accompanied by Miami’s best-dressed individuals.  The dress code for most Miami nightclubs is something stylish, …

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couple sitting at a restaurant table, having lunch, drinking wine and enjoying each others company

Fogo de Chao Dress Code

Fogo de Chao has been at the forefront of creating what food journalist and cookbook author Dotty Griffith once called the “meat eater’s Mecca.” With an upgraded version of the rodízio concept, it brings Sao Paulo to you in an exquisite churrascaria dining experience. But when you’re getting a buffet with all the meat you can …

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serving table in restaurant with wine glasses and cutlery

Alinea Dress Code

Alinea is one of the most coveted restaurants in Chicago. Reservations and down payments are required to enter, and the restaurant books about two months in advance. When dining at such an exquisite restaurant, many people want to know how they should dress. The dress code at Alinea is “elevated casual.” The restaurant doesn’t formally …

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happy paramedics team standing in front of car

Can EMTs and Paramedics Wear Jewelry (Earrings, Piercings)?

Every profession has a strict dress code employees must follow. The guidelines for these dress codes are different for every employer, depending on your industry. The medical field especially has strict policies for the safety of their personnel and the patients and clients they interact with daily. EMTs and Paramedics can wear jewelry such as …

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woman showing her driving license out of car window

Can You Wear Jewelry in Your Driver’s License Picture (Earrings, Necklaces, and More)?

What is it about driver’s license photos that have people anxiety-stricken and filled with dread? Everyone with a driver’s license knows that you need to have a new photo taken every time you renew your driver’s license and, depending on what state you live in, this is usually about every four years. But can you …

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