Can You Wear a Hoodie Without Anything Underneath?

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Hoodies are a popular alternative to stuffy coats and jackets, made to give you the same warmth in a more comfortable and casual package. They can be so comfortable, in fact, that it may lead you to wonder if it would be a good idea to wear one with nothing underneath. Is it a regular thing, or would it get some weird looks?

You can wear a hoodie without anything underneath. However, it may be seen as odd because most people use hoodies as overwear. Additionally, the fabric inside of some hoodies may not be as comfortable as that on the outside since they are often designed to be worn with something else.

With that said, if you do have a comfortable hoodie and that’s your main priority, it won’t hurt you to wear it without anything underneath. If you plan to be in public and you’re worried about a dress code or fashion standards, you may want to consider wearing something underneath your hoodie or just wearing something else altogether. The rest of this guide will help you with that.

When It’s Appropriate To Wear a Hoodie

A hoodie is generally regarded as overwear, which means it’s meant to be worn with something else underneath. However, some people consider it acceptable to wear one by itself for the sake of comfort. If you’re in a casual environment among friends, a hoodie should be a perfectly good choice, and you likely won’t be judged for wearing one without an undershirt.

If you think you might be given a hard time anyway, you could wear a sweater instead. They’re just as warm and comfortable as hoodies, but without the hood or the social expectation of having another layer of clothing underneath. Sweaters are especially appropriate for festive occasions like Christmas, but we’ll talk about some other alternatives in a minute.

What To Wear Under a Hoodie

If you’re at a high-profile event or meeting with strangers, a good impression is more important, and you should consider dressing up a bit more for the occasion. It’s unlikely someone’s going to notice, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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If you need something to wear under your hoodie that won’t take away from the comfort, a tank top is probably your best bet. They’re thin and breathable so you won’t feel hot or stuffy, and they’re a common and perfectly acceptable choice of undershirt. 

If you’re looking for a good undershirt and think you might need to show it off at any point, I recommend the TASAMO Pleated Black Tank Top for women that comes in 33 different designs. For men, a plain tank top is often more complimentary. Still, you may want to look for something more colorful depending on where you’re planning to wear it.

If you don’t like completely sleeveless shirts, a T-shirt is also a good option. Whether you want a plain white T or something a bit more fashionable, there’s plenty of variety out there.

Other Options

  • If you’re going to a high-profile event, you may want to just scrap the hoodie altogether. They’re generally regarded as casual wear and not very appropriate for places where your fashion choices could end up under heavy scrutiny.
  • If you still want something warm to wear over your shirt, you could consider a coat or jacket. These come in a wide variety of styles to suit most occasions, whether you want to look casual, formal, or just stunning. If you loathe the idea of giving up your comfortable hoodie, don’t worry; there are plenty of coats and jackets designed for comfort too.
  • A sweater is also a good option as long as it suits the occasion. You may still want to wear something underneath if your sweatshirt has a particularly revealing neck or makes you itch. Still, people will be a bit less likely to question you if you don’t.
  • Lastly, if you really don’t want to wear an extra layer of clothing and don’t like sweaters, you could just wear a shirt with long sleeves. It’ll still keep you warm, just without the risk of making you look out of place. The countless varieties of shirts with long sleeves are too much to go over, but there are plenty of options for whatever the occasion is.


If you just want something warm and comfortable to wear around the house, your favorite hoodie will work great. If you’re going out in public and need to make sure you look presentable, there are plenty of things you can wear underneath or instead of a hoodie that will help.

The best outfit for the occasion depends a lot on where you’re going and who you’ll be around, so use your best judgment when deciding what to wear on a case-by-case basis.

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