Can Walmart Employees Wear Earrings?

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Whenever you get a new job, there are all kinds of rules and regulations you have to follow, and one of them usually involves sticking to a specific dress code. For example, if you’re interested in working for Walmart, there might be some things about your everyday style that you’ll have to adjust. But what about earrings – do they allow you to wear those? 

Walmart employees can wear earrings according to the company’s dress code. Employees may wear as many earrings as they like as long as they don’t pose a safety hazard. Large hoops or dangly earrings aren’t allowed as they can easily catch on nearby fabrics. 

This article will further discuss Walmart’s policy on earrings, what types you can wear, and other earring-related info. We’ll also discuss their policy toward piercings, tattoos, and brightly-dyed hair. 

Walmart’s Earrings Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Walmart’s earrings policy states that male and female employees may wear any style of earring, as long as it doesn’t look offensive or pose a safety risk while working. The employee’s manager has the final say about earrings, and this can, therefore, vary from store to store. 

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If the manager is open-minded, and the store is located in a large city or liberal state, it’s more likely that they will allow unusual earrings, such as rook piercings, helix, or industrials. 

However, employees might not be allowed to wear unusual earrings if the store is in a small town and in a more conservative area. 

Walmart greatly values the safety of its employees and customers, the reason it doesn’t allow large or dangling earrings is that they can catch on fabrics, equipment, or merchandise. 

There is no hard and fast rule about acceptable earring size at Walmart. If the employee’s earrings are large enough to brush against clothing or hair, the manager will likely ask them to remove the earrings as they pose a safety risk. 

Walmart employees working in the deli or bakery are exposed to heavy-duty machinery and food, and it’s important for them to wear earrings that won’t fall out or snag on equipment. 

Salesfloor staff, cashiers, or door greeters are typically not exposed to the same dangers and can get away with wearing a wider range of earrings. 

What Is Walmart’s Policy on Employee Piercings?

Walmart allows employees to wear most earrings, but do they permit other piercings? 

Walmart’s policy on employee piercings is liberal, but piercings must not clash with their health and safety rules. Deli counter or bakery employees must remove their facial piercings or cover them. Sales associates, door greeters, and cashiers don’t need to remove or cover up facial piercings. 

In the same way that earrings must be safe, Walmart stipulates that jewelry for other piercings must not be unsafe. 

Walmart managers typically lead a brief team meeting before each shift, during which they quickly glance over each employee’s appearance. Beyond the company dress code, Walmart leaves it up to its managers to determine if an employee’s clothing or jewelry is offensive or unsafe. 

For instance, an employee might have a lip and nose piercing with a chain connecting the two. There’s a great chance that the employee’s manager will tell them to remove the chain as it can get caught on nearby objects and cause injury. 

Are Walmart Employees Allowed To Have Visible Tattoos?

Walmart employees needed to cover up visible tattoos before it updated its dress code policy in 2018. The rules concerning tattoos are a bit different now.

Walmart employees can have visible tattoos, but they must not be offensive or vulgar. Walmart managers use discretion to determine if the tattoo is acceptable or if the employee must conceal it. 

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Managers typically err on the side of caution with public-facing employees (including door greeters, cashiers, and sales associates). Still, they may be more lenient with employees who work behind the scenes. 

If you work or plan on working for Walmart and enjoy wearing short sleeves, it’s, therefore, worth careful consideration before getting an arm tattoo. 

Can Walmart Employees Have Brightly-Dyed Hair and Heavy Makeup?

Brightly-colored hair in eye-catching green, red, blue, and pink has recently become trendy, but many companies don’t allow this. 

Walmart employees can have brightly-dyed hair in any color and wear heavy makeup as long as they look respectful. However, all employees must look neat and clean before starting a shift, including having clean and freshly-combed hair. 

Haircuts with shaved sections (such as undercuts or fade hairstyles) are also allowed at Walmart, as long as the hair doesn’t cover the eyes or look untidy. Managers might request the employee to fasten their hair back with a hair tie or clip. 

What Else Should I Know About Walmart’s Employee Dress Code?

Walmart seems to value employee comfort, safety, and convenience, evidenced in their dress code. 

They trust their employees to strike the right balance between comfort and respect, and clothes should be unwrinkled, clean, and neat. 

Walmart’s dress code allows employees to wear any type of pants, except leggings, ripped jeans, or sweatpants. Employees may wear any shirt if it’s not offensive or too revealing. Any shoe type is permitted, except open-toed shoes. 

Several years ago, Walmart employees could only wear black or tan-colored pants. When the company launched its new dress code in 2018, workers could wear any pants color or style as long as they were not leggings, ripped jeans, or shorts.

If you work at Walmart, you can wear any shirt, but it must not be too revealing. Additionally, hoodies aren’t usually allowed. Some managers, however, allow hoodies if the employee tucks the hood into the shirt. 

Shirts with offensive logos or language aren’t allowed, but you can wear brightly patterned shirts. 

Walmart stores are large, and many employees do a lot of walking at work. For the sake of comfort, employees can wear sneakers or any other shoes they like. Flip flops, sandals, or anything that exposes the toes, however, aren’t allowed. 

Cashiers, door greeters, deli, and bakery workers aren’t permitted to wear hats, but other Walmart employees may wear a Walmart-branded baseball cap. 


Walmart employees can wear earrings as long as they won’t catch on to nearby objects or fabric. 

Other piercings and visible tattoos are permitted at Walmart, but the manager may ask the employee to cover up offensive tattoos at their discretion. 

If you work at Walmart, you can have brightly-dyed hair and wear heavy makeup if you look respectful. You can also wear any kind of pants (except leggings, ripped jeans, or sweatpants) and any shirt, but it can’t contain offensive logos or language.

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