11 Shorts Appropriate Activities and 4 Inappropriate Ones

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Shorts are one of the most popular clothing items. Most people prefer wearing shorts because they are comfortable. They are also great when worn for either sports or leisure. 

Below are 11 activities where wearing shorts is appropriate and 4 that are inappropriate:

  1. Softball 
  2. Skateboarding 
  3. Roller Skating 
  4. Tennis 
  5. Driving range 
  6. Bowling 
  7. Go-karting 
  8. Gun range 
  9. Yoga 
  10. Skydiving 
  11. Rock Climbing 
  12. Ziplining
  13. Ice skating
  14. Cricket
  15. Fly fishing

This article will discuss in greater depth about the activities ideal for wearing shorts as well as where you ought to avoid wearing them because they are considered inappropriate. Keep reading to learn more.

Shorts-Appropriate Activities

Shorts come in a wide range of fabrics and styles and are commonly worn for activities when the weather is warm. Let’s discuss these shorts-appropriate activities in more detail: 

1. Can You Wear Shorts to Softball Practice?

Softball players need to wear clothing that helps them sprint, jump, and perform rotational movements comfortably. 

You can wear shorts to softball practice as they’re quite popular and comfortable. If you’re in a softball team, you’ll probably need to wear the team shirt, but you can wear any kind of pants. 

Wearing shorts to softball practice can help you throw, hit, and run with ease. Most softball players wear shorts that end just above the knee and loose-fitting ones to allow plenty of leg motion. 

Try to pick a color that matches your team shirt color. 

2. Can You Wear Shorts While Skateboarding?

Skateboarding clothing should be flexible, durable, and fashionable. 

You can wear shorts while skateboarding. Shorts are great to wear while skateboarding in the summer but remember to wear knee pads or long, thick socks to protect your knees. 

woman sitting on skateboard on the street with raised legs

When selecting shorts for skateboarding, opt for durable fabrics such as: 

  • Linen 
  • Fleece 
  • Canvas 
  • Cotton 

These types of shorts are less likely to tear or develop holes if you fall while skateboarding. 

Skateboarding involves a lot of flexible leg movement, so you should choose shorts that aren’t too tight and won’t restrict your legs. 

Popular shorts for skateboarding have a drawstring waistband for comfort and several buttons or zipper pockets for your wallet and phone while skateboarding. 

3. Can You Wear Shorts Roller Skating?

Shorts are popular attire for roller skating and are often paired with retro t-shirts, reminiscent of when the sport first became popular in the sixties. 

You can wear shorts while roller skating as they offer your legs lots of flexibility in movement. There’s a risk of falling while roller skating, so wear knee pads or long socks to prevent scrapes. 

Your socks should be longer than the cut of your roller skates to prevent chafing and blisters. 

Popular options for rollerskating are shorter-length shorts. If you want to wear tight-fitting shorts, ensure that the fabric is stretchy to allow your legs to move freely. 

4. Can You Wear Shorts to Play Tennis?

Most tennis players wear tennis shorts on the court as they are designed to accommodate the players’ unique movements while playing tennis. 

You can wear shorts to play tennis as they allow for leg movement and flexibility and keep you cool. Check with your tennis club as some require women to wear skirts (or skirts with built-in shorts). 

sportswoman with racquet at the tennis court

When selecting shorts for playing tennis, it’s best to choose tennis shorts. Tennis shorts have two lightweight layers: 

  • An inner compression layer for muscle support 
  • An outer moisture-wicking layer 

Another benefit of wearing tennis shorts is their large pockets for holding tennis balls. 

If your tennis club requires women to wear tennis skirts, and you want to wear shorts instead, consider wearing a skort. Skorts are shorts with an outer fabric layer that resembles a skirt. 

5. Can You Wear Shorts to Driving Range?

If you want to have a successful session at the driving range, your clothing should allow you to make comfortable arm, shoulder, and leg movements when swinging the golf club. 

You can wear shorts to the driving range as long as your range allows it. Some traditional and exclusive driving ranges have dress codes that require golf or collared shirts and chinos or shorts. 

Most modern driving ranges allow players to wear whatever they like. Slim to loose-fitting linen shorts are ideal for the driving range as they don’t restrict your movement and are part of formal golf attire. Khaki is a popular pants color for golf and the driving range. 

6. Can You Wear Shorts Bowling?

When you’re having fun at the bowling alley, you will have a more enjoyable experience if your clothing doesn’t restrict the lunging and stretching motions needed for a strike. 

You can wear shorts for bowling as they allow you to move around easily and are casual, the typical dress code for bowling alleys. If you rent bowling shoes, however, be sure to wear a pair of socks. 

Since bowling involves many forward bending movements, avoid wearing shorts that are too loose and short as you could accidentally flash the people behind you. Your shorts should also not sit too low on your hips as they could slide down further while lunging, causing your underwear to show. 

No one cares what you wear to bowling, but it’s advisable to wear shorts that don’t look strange when worn with socks. 

7. Can You Wear Shorts for Go-Karting?

Go-karting involves a lot of concentration, and the last thing you need is to be bothered by an ill-fitting outfit. 

You can wear shorts for go-karting as long as they’re not tight or loose as you need to be comfortable in the go-kart. It’s best to wear old shorts you don’t mind ruining as go-karting can get muddy. 

Some go-karting venues have strict safety protocols and require go-karters to wear closed-toed shoes (such as sneakers), overalls, and gloves. In this case, wearing a pair of lightweight shorts will keep you feeling cool and not too overwhelmed by the heavy overalls. 

8. Can You Wear Shorts to a Gun Range?

When choosing an outfit for the gun range, select functional clothing that’s not too revealing. Some gun ranges require shooters to cover up their arms, chest, and legs to prevent flying brass injuries and exposing their skin to lead. 

You can wear shorts to the gun range as long as your range allows it. Try and pick shorts that can accommodate a holster and with pockets to store your phone, wallet, and keys while shooting. 

Cargo shorts are perfect for the gun range as these are typically loose-fitting with plenty of pockets for your personal items while shooting. 

9. Can You Wear Shorts to Yoga?

Most yoga studios allow guests to wear any clothing in which they feel comfortable. 

You can wear shorts to yoga because they are comfortable and yoga needs a lot of flexibility. Ensure that your shorts aren’t too loose, as you could accidentally flash other yogis while stretching. 

a girl with a short hairstyle dressed in shorts and a white jersey makes a twine on the background of the sea and the beach. Playing sports in nature

You want to avoid restrictive shorts when practicing yoga as these prohibit movement. The most suitable shorts for yoga are thus yoga shorts. These are similar to leggings as the fabric is stretchy and tight-fitting. However, unlike leggings, yoga shorts are not ankle length and end in the mid-thigh area. 

Some yoga shorts feature a seamless pocket to fit your cell phone or wallet. 

10. Can You Wear Shorts Skydiving?

Wearing comfortable clothing while skydiving is not only more pleasant but vital from a safety point of view. 

You can wear shorts while skydiving since most companies give you a jumpsuit to wear over your regular clothing. The less you wear underneath the jumpsuit, the comfier and less distracted you’ll be. 

The best shorts for skydiving are those that won’t shift, ride up or irritate your skin underneath the jumpsuit. You should, therefore, avoid shorts that are too loose-fitting and those with embellishments that could get caught on your jumpsuit or scratch your skin. 

11. Can You Wear Shorts Rock Climbing?

You can wear shorts while rock climbing as you need to extend your legs and have a clear view of your feet. Shorts in a breathable fabric with a longer length are perfect for rock climbing. 

man in a mountain wearing short

In addition, longer shorts offer more protection if you accidentally bash your legs against the rocks.  

Breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics are recommended because rock climbing can make you sweat. 

To avoid your shorts getting tangled in the harness, make sure that they’re not too short. Shorts with a broader crotch area will also make you feel less restricted in the harness. 

Some Inappropriate Activities for Shorts

Shorts are perfect to wear for many sports and activities. However, there are some sports and activities where wearing shorts is considered inappropriate. Let’s discuss some of these activities in detail: 

1. Can I Wear Shorts Ziplining?

When ziplining, you will be securely harnessed into a series of safety straps. As such, your clothing should provide a barrier between the straps and your skin to prevent chafing. 

You can’t wear shorts while ziplining because the safety harness can cause them to ride up or bunch up, making you feel pretty uncomfortable.

If your shorts ride up too much, the safety harness against your legs would feel sore or irritating. This can spoil your ziplining experience. 

Another reason to avoid wearing shorts while ziplining is that you risk your legs getting cut, poked, or scratched by branches. Most ziplining takes place above the tree canopy, but stray branches can graze your legs when you descend. Therefore, its advisable to wear long pants because they can protect your legs. 

If it will be hot during your ziplining session and you want to wear as little as possible to feel cool, consider wearing capris or long pants in cotton or linen. 

2. Should I Wear Shorts to Ice Skating?

There is usually no dress code whether you’re ice skating outdoors or at an ice skating rink. 

You shouldn’t wear shorts to ice skating as your exposed legs are likely to get cold or numb, making the experience uncomfy. Also, if you fall while ice skating, there’s a greater risk of injury. 

Most ice skaters wear long, thick socks to protect their legs from the cut of their ice skates, and this can look strange when worn with shorts. You will also look a bit odd if you wear shorts with knee pads for protection. 

Sweatpants, stretchy jeans, or linen pants are the best pants option for ice skating. 

3. Can You Wear Shorts in Cricket?

Cricket is typically played during the summer and in direct sunlight. As a result, it can feel quite logical to newcomers to wear shorts to keep cool. 

You shouldn’t wear shorts while playing cricket as you need to wear protective knee and leg gear which can chafe against your exposed knees. 

Most cricket teams have a strict dress code, including long pants, even for practice sessions which means you would not be expected to wear shorts during practice. 

Although shorts aren’t typically worn during cricket, players wear long cricket pants made from breathable and lightweight fabric to keep them as cool as possible. Cricket pants are also white, which helps to reflect the sun’s rays. 

Wearing shorts may feel cooler, but because cricket matches can last several hours, long pants also protect the players’ legs from sunburn. 

4. Can You Wear Shorts While Fly Fishing?

It can feel tempting to wear shorts and do some wet wading while fly fishing during the summer. 

You can’t wear shorts while fly fishing because you’ll expose your legs to biting insects and sharp branches in the water. After wet wading for half an hour, your legs will likely feel cold and numb. 

Most folks who wet wade while wearing shorts also wear flip flops, which can easily get caught in river weeds and the flowing current. 

The most suitable pants for fly fishing are waders, as these are made from waterproof fabric that will protect your legs. They’re normally tucked into rubber boots and can prevent you from feeling too cold in the water.

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