Alinea Dress Code

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Alinea is one of the most coveted restaurants in Chicago. Reservations and down payments are required to enter, and the restaurant books about two months in advance. When dining at such an exquisite restaurant, many people want to know how they should dress.

The dress code at Alinea is “elevated casual.” The restaurant doesn’t formally list clothing that is and is not allowed. However, they prefer for their guests to look put together. Men usually opt to wear a jacket and dress pants, while women typically wear a dress, skirt, or nice pair of pants. 

The rest of this article will cover appropriate clothing options for both men and women in more depth so that you can know what to expect if you’re eating at Alinea. It’ll also cover what type of shoes to wear to Alinea and if jeans are allowed at the restaurant. Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is the Alinea Dress Code for Men?

The dress code for men at Alinea is presentable, not necessarily formal, though formal wear is allowed. Many men prefer to wear a suit or sports jacket, although they aren’t required. Ties are not necessary at Alinea, and many guests choose to forgo them, opting instead for a dress shirt and jacket.

At Alinea, collared shirts are not required for men. Many men opt to wear turtlenecks or sweaters during the winter, either with or without a jacket. Guests are encouraged to wear something they feel comfortable in, so the dress code is purposefully open to allow men to dress to their comfort levels.

The dress code for men at Alinea also depends on the occasion. Many people frequent the restaurant for various reasons: birthday dinners, work functions, engagement celebrations, and more. Depending on why you’re going to Alinea, you might change how you dress.

If it’s a night out with the guys, many men opt to wear simply a dress shirt or sweater. Cardigans can replace jackets, and some men even wear sleeved henley t-shirts, although it’s not as common.

For a workplace function at Alinea, most men will wear a full suit and tie. Alinea is also a popular spot for date nights, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations. Many men like to wear suit jackets and button-up shirts with chino or dress pants on these occasions. A turtleneck can also replace a button-up shirt on these occasions.

What Shoes Do Men Wear at Alinea?

Because Alinea doesn’t have a shoe requirement at their restaurant, men have a lot of liberty with the shoes they choose to wear. Dress shoes, high-top sneakers, dress sneakers, boots, oxfords, and loafers are all appropriate footwear for men. 

Men have the liberty to choose footwear that matches their style and comfort level at Alinea. You will see men dressed in traditional dress shoes or wearing clean and polished sneakers with their outfits at the restaurant. Even dress slides are allowed at Alinea.

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What Is the Alinea Dress Code for Women?

Women typically wear dresses or skirts to Alinea. Although, some women wear dress pants, leather pants, chino pants, or pantsuits. Formalwear is not required, although women sometimes wear evening or ball gowns to Alinea, depending on the occasion. 

Like men, women can dress up or down at Alinea according to their comfort level. The restaurant only asks that guests look clean and neat. At Alinea, you’ll see women in blouses and cardigans, bodycon dresses, evening dresses, or office wear.

For tops, women often wear blouses, turtlenecks, dress camisoles, or even trendy crop tops with a sophisticated flair. Leather jackets, blazers, cardigans, or shawls are all appropriate outerwear at Alinea. However, many women choose to avoid wearing denim jackets to Alinea.

There isn’t a dress length requirement at the restaurant, so women can wear dresses or skirts as short or as long as they would like, as long as they still look presentable. Backless dresses or dresses with cutouts are allowed at Alinea. 

Tweed skirts are popular to wear at Alinea, as well as tulle and A-line skirts. Dress shorts are also allowed at Alinea. Women can wear a nice top with a short suit for their occasion at Alinea. 

Even though some guests choose to dress more casually, some women choose to use an outing at Alinea to sport their formal wear. Evening dresses or gowns are acceptable at Alinea, especially when celebrating special occasions such as holidays, engagements, or anniversaries. 

What Shoes Do Women Wear at Alinea?

Alinea doesn’t have a shoe requirement, so women can wear whatever shoes match their outfit. Closed-toe heels, block sandals, strappy heels, stilettos, flats, mules, ankle boots, knee-high boots, and even a nice pair of combat boots are appropriate at Alinea. 

Can You Wear Jeans to Alinea?

You can wear jeans to Alinea; however, they should be clean and presentable. Most men choose to wear jeans with a button-up shirt, a sports jacket, and dress shoes. Women can wear jeans with a nice blouse, blazer, and dress shoes or sandals. Jeans should be free from rips or holes.

What Is Elevated Casual?

Elevated casual is a term used to describe dress wear appropriate for special occasions, restaurants, and functions where guests should look presentable and well-polished. Elevated casual is generally one step below business casual, where guests aren’t required to look as sophisticated. 

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It allows more options for people to wear.

Elevated casual is something you might wear to brunch, church, a nice dinner, a ceremony, etc. Elevated casual usually does not include clothing for nightlife such as a club, although some clothing items might fall into elevated casual depending on what you style them with. With an elevated casual dress code, you can typically take one casual item – such as jeans – and pair it with a dressier item like a blazer or jacket to make it suitable. 

Final Thoughts

The dress code at Alinea is lenient as long as guests look refined. Guests can dress up or down according to their comfort level, with some patrons sporting formalwear and others jeans and a nice top or jacket. 

Avoid wearing jeans with holes, T-shirts, loungewear, and other overly casual clothes to Alinea. Officewear is an appropriate starting place if you’re unsure how to dress, and when in doubt, wear something you feel comfortable in.

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