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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known (among other things) for his colorful language and no-holds-barred critique of the contestants on his reality TV cooking show Hell’s Kitchen. He also happens to own a couple of Michelin-star restaurants that share the same name as the aforementioned show. If you want to visit one of these establishments, you may want to know what to wear (and what not to wear) when you’re there.

Hell’s Kitchen dress codes differ between the Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas locations. Lake Tahoe has a casual dress code, while Las Vegas requires patrons to wear business casual attire. 

These rules may not always be strictly enforced, but you should still follow them as closely as you can. As of this writing, Hell’s Kitchen has yet to open restaurants at Harrah’s Resort in California, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Florida, so the dress code for those places is unknown. In the meantime, read on for more information on Hell’s Kitchen dress codes at Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe for men and women. 

What Is the Dress Code at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas?

Business casual is the dress code at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas. For women, this includes tailored dresses, collared blouses, and slacks. Meanwhile, men should choose collared shirts and dress pants. 

Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas Dress Code for Women

Business casual should look professional but comfortable. In other words, you don’t have to wear a suit. Instead, you can incorporate parts of your work wardrobe with your casual or weekend wear. For example, you can wear jeans as long as you avoid the ripped, faded, or distressed variety. 

If you want to don jeans, choose a dark wash with a straight cut and pair it with a collared shirt and pointy-toed heel pumps. You can also upgrade your outfit by swapping the collared shirt for a blouse and blazer. Finish your look with a pair of dainty stud earrings and an elegant clutch. 

If you’re visiting Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas after the sun goes down, you can go for a more glam look. A great, no-fail option is the LBD (little black dress), which you can wear with a pair of nude or black heels or strappy sandals. If dresses aren’t your thing, choose black pants and a pretty blouse. Top it off with a necklace, clutch, and heels, and you’re good to go.

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Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas Dress Code for Men

Like the dress code for women, business casual for men should look effortlessly professional but not stiff. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit, but you should avoid bright neon colors and shorts. Even if Las Vegas is a city of glitz and glamor, you don’t want to draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself. 

If you’re a man who wants to dine at Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas, choose a pair of khakis or chinos and pair it with a collared polo or tennis shirt. Complete the look with a pair of loafers. 

You can also wear khakis or chinos for an evening look, but swap the polo shirt for a long-sleeved button-down and a sports coat or blazer. Cap off your glam look with dress shoes and a belt. 

What Is the Dress Code at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe?

The dress code at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe is casual. Women can wear summer dresses, jeans, and T-shirts, while men can wear shorts, jeans, and T-shirts. For both sexes, it’s essential to look presentable even if the occasion calls for casual attire.

Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe Dress Code for Women

Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe is still a high-end establishment despite its casual dress code, so women should dress accordingly. Avoid flip-flops, sweat pants, and anything else that looks like what you’d wear to an hours-long Netflix binge on the couch. Tank tops and graphic tees are also not acceptable. 

Instead, you can wear a cute summer dress with sandals. If you want to don jeans and a T-shirt, choose simple ones that fit well and pair them with a pair of ballet flats or espadrilles. Complete both these outfits with a tote or crossbody bag. 

If you’re dining out in the evening, go for a more dressed-up look. You can still wear jeans but go for a pretty blouse and heels instead of a T-shirt and flats. You can make your summer dress pop with accessories like an elegant necklace or earrings. But don’t go overboard with jewelry: Choose just one standout piece and cap off your look with a sparkly clutch bag. 

Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe Dress Code for Men

Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe requires a similar dress code for men as it does for women. Men should never wear tank tops or open-toe shoes, and Hawaiian shirts are a no-no at Ramsay’s high-end, Michelin-starred establishment. 

If you want to wear shorts, you can only do so during the day. Otherwise, go with a pair of chino shorts (khaki or dark blue) and pair it with a collared polo shirt and loafers. Accessorize with a belt that’s of the same color as your shoes.  

For the evening, wear a pair of dark jeans with a collared polo shirt or sweater. You can also wear chinos with a fitted T-shirt and a sports coat paired with loafers. 

Do You Have To Follow the Hell’s Kitchen Dress Code?

You don’t have to follow the Hell’s Kitchen dress code, but it is respectful if you do. A dress code aims to enhance the dining experience and maintain the restaurant’s image as an excellent place to dine in.

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Even though Hell’s Kitchen restaurants have dress codes, they aren’t always strictly enforced. Some patrons show up in shorts and flip-flops and are still welcomed inside with excellent service. 

Nonetheless, it would help if you followed the dress code as closely as possible. It’s good manners, after all. High-end restaurants impose dress codes to uphold their reputation and create an elegant ambiance for everyone to enjoy. 

If you don’t have clothes that fit the dress code for either of the Hell’s Kitchen restaurants, you can work with what you have. 

For example, women can do a little extra with their makeup and hair. You can apply a bold shade of lipstick or do a smokey eye, and make sure your hair looks elegant.

Meanwhile, men can pair their shorts with a collared shirt and swap sandals for a pair of white tennis shoes or sneakers. 

Final Thoughts

When you dine at a Hell’s Kitchen establishment, you must look polished whether the dress code is casual or business casual in keeping with the restaurants’ upscale status.

Women can wear structured dresses, slacks, dark wash jeans, blouses, and pointed-toe heels. Men should choose chinos, khakis or dark jeans, collared polos or button-down shirts, blazers with dress shoes, or loafers. Both men and women should avoid flip-flops, sweat pants, and tank tops.

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