Can You Wear Leggings Under a Saree?

a woman dressed in a saree

Many people choose to wear a petticoat underneath a saree. However, some people prefer to steer clear of petticoats because they can often be a bit uncomfortable. If you’re getting prepared for an important event, you might be wondering if leggings are an acceptable replacement.

You can wear leggings underneath a saree. In fact, many people prefer to replace petticoats with leggings because they’re often a more comfortable and convenient choice.

The rest of the article will discuss why leggings can be worn underneath a saree, helping you make the best stylistic choices for your personal needs.

Why Wear Leggings Under a Saree?

Petticoats are often the go-to choice for saree undergarments. Though petticoats are the traditional option, they’re not a requirement and aren’t always the most favorable choice because they can often be restrictive or uncomfortable.

Many people prefer to wear leggings under a saree instead of a petticoat because leggings are more comfortable and allow the wearer to move more freely. Furthermore, leggings are stylish and affordable.

Leggings Are More Comfortable Than Petticoats

Most saree petticoats are long and made of materials that aren’t too flexible or stretchy. Though they come in many different styles, they can often be physically restrictive. A petticoat that’s too narrow might make it a bit uncomfortable to walk.

However, leggings are favored because of their flexibility. Wearing a saree with leggings can make the experience a lot more comfortable, so you don’t have to spend all your focus on feelings of discomfort.

It’s Easier To Move With Leggings

As I mentioned before, many saree petticoats aren’t too flexible. That means narrow petticoats make it a little tricky to walk with ease.

With leggings, you don’t have to worry about the stiffness that can come with saree petticoats. Leggings are created from stretchy fabric explicitly designed to maximize your ability to move freely. That’s why many people prefer to substitute their petticoats for an option like leggings or shapewear.

Some People Find Leggings More Fashionable Than Petticoats

Saree petticoats offer certain levels of beauty and elegance that look wonderful with a saree. However, everyone has different stylistic preferences, and those personal preferences play another role in what drives people to substitute petticoats for leggings.

While petticoats are comparable to long skirts, leggings are more like pants. Some people prefer the look and feel of pants as opposed to skirts. In addition to this, many people like leggings because they make you look slimmer than you would appear in a petticoat.

Leggings come in many shapes, styles, materials, patterns, and colors. You can use these elements to match a great pair of leggings to the saree of your choosing.

Leggings Are Generally More Affordable Than Petticoats

A good petticoat can work wonders with a saree, but it can be tricky to find one at a lower cost that still maintains a high level of function, good feel, and overall quality.

Though some kinds of athletic leggings can get a bit pricey, the type of leggings you’ll be wearing beneath a saree are typically on the cheaper end as far as pricing goes. That’s another reason why some people would rather wear leggings under their saree. With the right leggings, you can put together an outfit that’s budget-friendly and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a pair of leggings that will look great under a saree, try the Sunzel workout leggings. They’re made of comfortable material and are affordable. Plus, they come in a wide selection of colors that will surely make an excellent addition to your outfit.

Do You Need To Wear a Petticoat Under Your Saree?

A petticoat is a long skirt that traditionally goes underneath a saree. But do you really need to wear one under your saree?

You don’t need to wear a petticoat under your saree if you don’t want to, although petticoats can work great with some saree styles. You can style a saree in many ways, and many of these styles are excellently complemented by leggings or shapewear.

How To Style Leggings Under a Saree

There are dozens of ways to style a saree, especially with leggings. Here are a few suggestions.

Make the Leggings Visible

When it comes to pairing leggings with a saree, some suggest that you should make your leggings visible. This style works great with higher-end leggings that match the look of your chosen saree.

So if you want to show off your leggings, use the elastic waistband to style your saree in a loose-fitting way that puts your leggings on display.

Hide Your Leggings

Another way you can style leggings with a saree is by hiding them.

While some leggings are great to show off, others might look best hidden. If you want to keep your leggings hidden, drape your saree in a way that covers them and keeps them concealed.

When Should You Not Wear Leggings Under a Saree?

Though leggings are a great petticoat substitute for less formal settings, there are some situations where it would be best to stick to a petticoat.

You shouldn’t wear leggings under a saree if you’re going to an event with a strong emphasis on tradition. That’s because leggings are not traditionally paired with a saree.

Every situation is different, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide what you want to wear to specific scenarios and environments. There are many different petticoats that come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and colors suitable for various settings.

It’s important to think about the purpose of the event or setting and what you’ll be doing at that particular place. Considering these factors can help you make the best style choices for your own needs.


Though classic saree petticoats are the best option when tradition is emphasized, leggings can be an excellent substitute for more informal settings. When paired correctly, your saree and legging combo will surely have you looking and feeling your best.

Leggings provide excellent levels of movement and comfort. Here’s why people might prefer leggings to petticoats:

  • Leggings are more comfortable.
  • The fabric is flexible, allowing them to move more freely.
  • Leggings allow them to style their sarees uniquely.
  • Leggings are often cheaper than traditional petticoats.