What To Wear To Get a Spray Tan

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A spray tan in the winter months is a great way to keep the glow you gained in the summer. Although it may seem complicated, getting a spray tan is an easy task with a bit of planning. There are a few simple tips to follow and a few things to take with you to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Here are things to wear to get a spray tan:

  1. Dark and loose clothes 
  2. Rubber slippers
  3. Disposable shower cap
  4. Duct tape
  5. Disposable underwear 
  6. Sticky cardboard for the feet 

Spray tanning salons can be vague with their instructions on how to prepare for spray tanning. This article will explain each item mentioned above and describe how to utilize them equally tanned without any blind spots. 

1. Dark and Loose Clothes

Wear a dark, loose t-shirt, sweatpants, slippers, and a loose zip-up hoodie that’s easy to pull on, so the spray solution doesn’t run or rub off your skin. 

Depending on the type of spray tan (clear spray tan and bronze spray tan), choose dark clothing that won’t stain as easily for the bronze spray tan. The clothes can be in any color like light blue, pink, or red (avoid white if possible)  for the clear spray tan, but very loose and without trip hazards. 

A wavy dress will also make a great choice, but be sure it doesn’t have any thin straps that’ll leave marks if the spray tan doesn’t fully dry off your body. 

2. Rubber Slippers

Socks and tight shoes won’t do when it comes to feet and keeping them the same color as the rest of your body. 

guy is holding flip-flops in the supermarket

Putting anything tight on your feet will rub off the spray tan solution and will keep that part of the body lighter. Rubber slippers are a solution, especially dark blue or black ones because the color of the spray tan won’t leave any visible marks on them. 

Flip flops aren’t the greatest option because their rubber straps can rub off the spray tan and leave white marks on the top of your feet. 

3. Disposable Shower Cap

Most tanning salons offer disposable shower caps that’ll protect hair from being sprayed with a tanning solution. Bringing your shower cap will ensure you protect your hair if the salon runs out or if the caps they offer are low-quality ones or too small for you. 

Getting the spray tan solution in the hair is problematic for people with lighter hair. When the bronze spray tan gets in the hair, it stains it, and the hair looks unclean and messy. 

Professionals don’t recommend getting a shower up to 8 hours after spray tanning, and wearing a shower cap is a safe option. 

4. Duct Tape

In cases when the disposable shower cap isn’t fitting you right, or you’d like to get a spray tan as close as possible to your hairline, putting the duct tape on your hair can help you with that. 

Duct tape will isolate hair and make a fine line over your forehead where the spray tan can easily cover your skin. This hack will ensure fine precision, and you’ll be sure that the spray is evenly distributed without making any lines or missed spots. 

silver repair duct tape

5. Disposable Underwear

Whether you’re getting spray-tanned in the tanning booth or being sprayed by a professional, you’ll want to consider having some clothes on. Though it’s completely okay to be naked while getting a spray tan, some people like to cover up. 

Disposable underwear is an easy and cheap option for anyone who will get spray tanned by salon personnel and wants to feel comfortable. 

6. Sticky Cardboard for the Feet

Sticky cardstock or cardboard will protect the bottom of your feet from the spray tan color. Salons offer this to their clients along with shower caps and disposable underwear, but if the ones they offer don’t match your feet, you want to be protected by having your own. 

Avoid stepping in the spraying booth barefoot at all costs because getting the spray tan on your feet will make it orange or brown. 

Do’s and Dont’s After a Spray Tan


Getting your skin moisturized is a key to having your spray tan on longer. If you forget to moisturize, skin gets dry and flaky, which can easily wear off the spray tan. 

Avoid lotions and creams with alcohol and parabens cause they dry out the skin even more and affect the quality of the spray tan.


Don’t wear a usual bra after getting a spray tan. The straps on the bra will make dents on your shoulders and back, which will affect the spray tan that hasn’t dried yet. Alternative to this is a disposable bra that you can wear until you get home from the spraying salon. 

Avoid showers, especially hot showers, for at least four hours after the spraying process. Different salons and professionals have different rules and various guidelines of what to do and when to shower. Still, the fact is that taking a shower immediately after a spray tan can prevent it from fully developing. 

Sweating can also cause the spray tan to wear off easily, so it’s recommended to avoid it for a while after getting your spray tan. If you go to the gym, wear loose clothes that’ll prevent wiping off the spray tan. Use a cloth to tap off your face and body and dry it off as carefully as possible. 

Exfoliating and facial acids like glycolic acid, BHA, or AHA will take off the fine layer of the spray tan and make it last shorter. Exfoliating can be good practice if you have an uneven spray tan and you want to avoid having a messy tan. 

Getting into a jacuzzi or a chlorinated pool isn’t recommended because the heat and the chemicals can irritate the skin and make it flakey. Also, it can affect the distribution of the spray tan, making it uneven and messy. 


Spray tanning is a great way to look toned and glowy all year round, especially in the cold winter months. Whether you decide to get a clear spray tanning solution or a bronze one, make sure you’re always prepared and have all the necessities with you. 

Loose dark clothes, slippers, and shower caps are go-to items that’ll save you a lot of trouble caused by uneven spray tan, and they’ll make your money worthwhile.

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