Leggings vs. Tights

Tights and leggings are the most common skin-tight garments worn by women. A long time ago, men would wear tights when riding horses, but nowadays, it’s very rare to see a man in tights. The main difference between leggings and tights is the translucent fabric used for tights shows off the wearer’s skin and, therefore, …

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girl's legs in sportswear walking around the city

Are Leggings Warm?

Leggings have become very popular, especially over the last few years. If you’re new to wearing leggings, then you might not know what to expect. If you’re new to wearing leggings, you’re probably wondering if they are warm. Leggings can be warm if the right material is used to make them, but they are not …

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irl doing sit ups crossfit

What To Wear to Gymnastics Besides a Leotard?

Gymnastics is a sport that showcases the physical abilities of a person, including strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. As such, appropriate clothing and gear are essential for athletes to look and perform their best.   Here is a list of what to wear to gymnastics besides a leotard: Unitard Gymnastics singlet Tight-fitting t-shirt Tight-fitting shorts or …

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