Can You Wear Compression Shorts All Day?

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Compression shorts are regarded highly by athletes and fashionistas alike. Not to mention, compression shorts are so comfortable that you may feel like wearing them every day. But is it safe to add compression shorts to all of your outfits?

You can wear compression shorts all day in general. But as these shorts may apply pressure on your ligaments, it’s best to avoid wearing them all day if you have health concerns. And since they may make you sweatier than regular underwear, be cautious about hygiene.

Below, I discuss the ordinary risks of wearing compression shorts long-term. I also talk about some of the benefits of wearing compression shorts daily or adding them to your gym wear. Keep reading.

Is It Okay To Wear Compression Shorts in Public?

It’s okay to wear compression shorts in public. Most compression short packages classify the clothing as a “top layer” or as a “base layer,” helping you decide if your shorts are appropriate to wear as a top layer.

You can still tell (without the packaging) by looking at how see-through the material is or if there’s stitching around the groin. Some compression shorts will even come with a top layer already attached. For example, the Leidowei Men’s 2 in 1 Workout Running Shorts have a compression short base layer and a set of shorts on top. 

Just because a pair of compression shorts are marked as a top layer on the packaging doesn’t mean you need to wear them as such. Many people wear compression shorts under clothing to help smooth out tight dresses or pants. Mostly, be cautious of base wear clothing, which can outline the groin and might not be appropriate to wear around. 

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What Happens if You Wear Compression Shorts All Day?

As far as clothing goes, compression shorts are pretty versatile. They can be worn as athletic wear, as a full top layer, or just while you relax at home. Compression shorts do what all clothes are supposed to: they cover you up and give you an added layer of warmth. But unlike most basic clothing, compression shorts also have numerous benefits.

Wearing compression shorts all day can improve inflammation issues, increase blood flow, and even help with athletic performance. But if you have medical issues, are an older adult with circulation issues, or are malnourished, you may risk the flare-up of existing issues.

For men, some studies have shown tight compression shorts have been proven to lower sperm count temporarily. Other sources say it has more to do with the temperature of the testicles, which can be higher than usual if you wear compression shorts. 

Many Athletes and Gym Enthusiasts Wear Compression Shorts

Compression wear isn’t just any pair of tight leggings or shorts that makes you feel “compressed.” The qualifications for compression wear are pretty strict, and for a good reason, as it’s been deemed a miracle garment by some athletes.

Shorts, leggings, underwear, socks—regardless of the compression garment—it’s usually made of the same material. Compression wear is typically woven stretchy, spandex, or polyester fibers. 

You may notice that compression shorts, in particular, look kind of like a pair of underwear, especially when made for men. They have stitches around the groin area and usually go past mid-thigh. You may see people at the gym or athletes on TV training in just their compression shorts. Usually, compression shorts labels will tell you if they’re for a base layer or if they’re meant to be worn on the outside of your clothing

Compression Shorts Have Health Benefits

Athleisure is here to stay, and compression shorts are everywhere.

You may wonder why you see so many athletes wearing compression gear, exceptionally professional athletes.

Compression gear has been the focus of numerous studies, and some have found that these shorts increase athletic ability. In one study, football players with injuries found that compression shorts helped with groin pain, likely because of the way compression shorts kept their extremities tighter to their body. 

Even if you aren’t much of an athlete, wearing compression shorts may benefit you. Compression shorts can increase blood flow to the lower limbs and help prevent inflammation issues after injury.

Always Wear the Right Size Compression Shorts

There are a few things to be on the lookout for if you wear compression shorts daily, too. 

Some doctors have anecdotal stories about those who wear compression shorts, particularly ones that are too tight. Given the right circumstances, compression shorts that are too tight can cause gastrointestinal pain or nerve damage. 

Lastly, compression shorts might cause some hygiene issues, especially if you have open wounds or sores on your legs. The tightness of the garment can lead you to feel more sweaty or for your sweat to be trapped in. If you have open scabs, they might cause odor, more bacteria growth, or infection. 

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Compression shorts can be worn all day under clothing if you feel comfortable. Wearing compression shorts has numerous benefits, but ask your healthcare physician if:

  • You have blood flow issues.
  • You have an open wound where the compression shorts will be.
  • You’re an older adult with circulation problems.

Additionally, you should always be sure that your compression shorts are smooth on your body, as bunches can make blood flow uneven. Wearing tighter compression shorts isn’t better than wearing compression shorts made the right size—you should always wear the correct size compression shorts to avoid any damage.

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