Can You Wear Leggings to a Funeral

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Leggings are one of the most practical, comfortable, and convenient items of clothing a person can own. You can wear them daily, at the gym, relaxing at home, and even out to lunch. However, is it ok to wear leggings to a funeral?

You can wear leggings to a funeral if the deceased’s family has not set strict rules for your attire. Barring any recommendations for attire, you can wear leggings to a funeral. However, if the leggings are not modest enough or too colorful, then you should not wear them to a funeral.

Read on as I discuss what kind of leggings are appropriate for a formal occasion like a funeral and which legging designs you should avoid. By the end of this article, you’ll understand how to style your leggings properly so that you don’t feel out of place in a formal setting. 

What Kind of Leggings Might Be Appropriate for a Funeral?

The general response to the idea of wearing a pair of leggings to a funeral might be one of vague disapproval, but you might be able to get away with it if you choose the correct style. 

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If the deceased’s family states that it is ok to wear leggings to a funeral, then go for it. As long as you adhere to their wishes, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Deciding what to wear your leggings with is of the utmost importance since this can potentially allow you to wear leggings comfortably, without anyone expressing criticism. 

Plain black leggings might be the kind of leggings appropriate for a funeral. You can easily combine them with a blouse and a light blazer in the summer or a long black overcoat during winter.

The consensus for wearing leggings in a formal setting is that it needs to be simple and sophisticated. Choose a pair that is one block color — preferably black, or perhaps even very dark blue — and keep it as classic as possible. This black Timeson Women’s Chiffon V Neck Sleeveless Blouse is a good choice. It’s wrinkle-free and soft on the skin.

Can You Wear Black Leggings to a Funeral?

You can wear black leggings to a funeral. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear black leggings for a funeral as long as they’re simple and don’t draw too much attention and are styled appropriately.

While you can potentially get away with wearing dark blue leggings to a funeral, other colors — especially bright colors — are not appropriate at all. For instance, if you turned up to such a ceremonious and sad occasion wearing yellow leggings, you probably wouldn’t receive the best reception.

That said, sometimes funerals are a more casual affair, perhaps not held at a religious site, and so wearing something more casual like grey leggings might not be such a big deal. However, it is always better to be as simple as possible for big funerals, particularly religious funerals, and stick to darker colors out of respect for the family.

If you have a pair of simple black leggings, you could pair these with these knee-high boots to give them a more sophisticated and chic appearance. These boots have a latex insole and skin-friendly lining. They’re also easy to clean and store.

Make sure that your leggings aren’t too thin; see-through clothing is a no-go for a funeral or, indeed, any formal event.

One other thing to remember is the size. Stick to a pair of clean-cut, well-fitted leggings. Baggy leggings look bad most of the time, so if these leggings are your loungewear and they sag at the knees, or you have to keep pulling them up because they fall all the time, I would say leave them at home. 

Can You Wear Leather Leggings to a Funeral?

While a nice, well-fitted pair of black leggings might be appropriate if styled correctly, there are certain types and styles of leggings that you must avoid, especially for reserved occasions like funerals.

You can’t wear leather leggings to a funeral as they bring unnecessary attention to you — the same goes for printed leggings. Funeral etiquette usually stipulates that you shouldn’t wear clothing that makes you stand out or draws too much attention to you.

Leather leggings are unsuitable for a funeral because they may be deemed too extravagant for such a sad event. Modesty is key at funerals and wakes, so it is essential to bear this in mind.

How To Style Leggings Under a Dress or a Skirt

There are various ways to style leggings under a dress or skirt to make it appear more formal.

The most basic rule in this instance is to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t try to match anything too embellished or floral, and use block colors wherever possible.

If your dress is knee-length or mid-length, then you can undoubtedly wear leggings underneath them, as long as the leggings fit well and are dark in color. Sagging leggings is not a great look with a skirt, but you may be able to pull it off in a loose-fitting dress like this. This dress is made of high-quality and breathable fabric. 

If your skirt or dress is slightly shorter, your leggings need to be well-fitted and flattering to your shape. You also have to make sure the top of the leggings and the top of your skirt sits at the same height; otherwise, you risk the lining of your leggings showing through your outfit. 

As always, your choice of shoes is paramount. Styling your leggings with a smart dress or skirt and a pair of good, formal shoes will make your outfit come together fashionably.

For example, a pair of classic pointed shoes with a short to medium-length heel is a great option to wear with your leggings. It makes them look more formal and makes it much easier to pull off wearing that comfortable pair of leggings you love so much. These high-heel shoes are designed in the US and have a latex-padded insole that keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Bear in mind the length of the skirt or dress since this could affect what length leggings might look best. Pairing a mid-length dress with calf-length leggings and smart shoes, for example, is a great way to ensure you look sophisticated enough for a funeral.

Lastly, if you are ever unsure of what you can or cannot wear to a funeral, don’t be afraid to ask someone what might be appropriate. Every family is different, and they may indeed expect you to turn up in a black tie, in which case you will not be able to wear your leggings.

Can You Wear No Tights to a Funeral?

You cannot wear no tights at all to a funeral in general. Unless the weather is exceedingly warm, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of thin stockings, at least for the occasion. If you decide to skip the tights, make sure your hem is long enough to cover over the knees. 

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Out of respect for the deceased and their family, wearing revealing clothing is a no-go – and having bare legs is not advisable. That said, if the weather is very hot, you can skip the tights and ensure that your outfit is conservative enough that it at least covers your thighs.

Final Thoughts

So, can you wear leggings to a funeral? The answer is yes, as long as you bear in mind any requests from the deceased’s family. The most important thing to remember is that you need to be as respectful as possible, keep it plain and simple, and don’t wear anything too embellished.

You can upgrade your lounging leggings just by coupling them with the right accessories and a decent, simple pair of smart shoes.

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