Can You Wear Leggings to Church?

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Leggings have become very popular due to their comfort and versatility. People, especially women, wear leggings as part of their regular attire for work and casual occasions. But how would legging fare in church service?

You can wear leggings to church as long as you make your overall outfit church-appropriate. You just have to be aware of the specific dress codes in your church and be creative in matching apparel with your leggings.

The following sections elaborate on the varying church practices when it comes to women’s clothing. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of how you can make your favorite leggings appropriate for church.  

Wearing Leggings to Church

In some churches, there’s still debate on whether women can even wear pants. These churches subscribe to a more traditional dress attire for women. 

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Being as it is, it’s essential to first think about the practices of your own church when deciding whether you should wear leggings or not. Check your church’s bulletin board for pronouncements on dress codes. 

If your church doesn’t specify any dress codes and you’re still not sure about it, you can talk directly to the leader of your congregation —pastor, father, rabbi, etc— and ask for their advice. More often than not, their view on the matter will give you the peace of mind that you need. 

While other churches have no strict dress codes, it’s still important to get a general feel of your congregation.

Communicate with your more conservative peers and ask them about their views on appropriate church attire. This will help you avoid inadvertently offending them with your leggings.

Remember, the form-fitting feature of leggings makes your butt stand out, which can make some people uncomfortable during service.

Although these considerations are definitely worth paying attention to, they don’t have to stop you from wearing your favorite leggings to church.

Here are some ways you can dress up your leggings to make them more appropriate for attending church:

Wear a Long Shirt

Combining your leggings with a long shirt is an easy fix to the butt contour problem. The long top covers your behind, making your outfit more presentable and church-friendly.

It’s also a good look for a more casual Sunday lunch with friends and family after church service.

Just remember to pick shirts that aren’t too tight, as this would defeat the purpose of being more modest in the first place.

If a plain shirt is too casual for you, you can opt for a button-down shirt instead.

Wear a Blazer

You can also pair your leggings with a blazer for a more formal look in the church. 

Blazers are a type of suit jacket with a more casual cut. They’re becoming a staple in women’s wardrobes due to their style and versatility. They’re usually worn to give an instant formal feel to everyday attire.

Since blazers are the norm in business settings, you can also use this look for work. Picking an excellent fitting blazer to match with your classic black leggings can make an instant difference in your outfit.

Wear a Long Sweater or Cardigan

Paring a long sweater or cardigan with your leggings is an excellent option, especially on cooler days.

While sweaters are not formal wear, they can make your church attire much more modest. 

In an attempt to create a more accepting environment — especially for young people — more and more churches are becoming accepting of casual clothes. A sweater or cardigan with a modern cut might be a perfect match for your church attire, as long as it doesn’t reveal too much skin.

When pairing a sweater with your leggings, don’t forget to still wear a modest shirt underneath.

What Should You Wear to a Church Service?

You should wear modest and conservative clothing to a church service. Refrain from wearing too much jewelry and other accessories that would make you stand out. Also, avoid showing too much skin. When possible, don’t wear anything that rises above the knee or is transparent.

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Deciding what to wear to a church service is highly dependent on specific church practices and beliefs, as well as whether your church has definite dress codes.

Some churches are more traditional than others, requiring women to wear long dresses and explicitly prohibiting pants.

Although some churches may not have strict dress codes, it’s also essential to consider what your more conservative peers may think. 

As exemplified in news stories, some church-goers take offense in seeing the contours of women’s butts.

Always remember that while church services are a social gathering, they’re attended by many people, both young and old, and some of them are on the more traditional side. Try to play it safe and be modest without diminishing yourself.

What Not To Wear to Church

Avoid wearing revealing or flashy outfits when going to church. They may be a distraction not only for other people but also for you. These kinds of clothes can potentially take the focus away from praying and hearing mass.

Churchgoers expect a solemn atmosphere from the moment they step in. Wearing modest clothes is a gesture that shows respect and preserves the dignity of the place. 

Flashy outfits, on the other hand, make for a loud presence. 

Avoid wearing anything revealing, like cropped tops and sleeveless tops. These kinds of attire draw attention to you and may even make some people uncomfortable.

A church would also be the worst place to be in case of an accident concerning poor-quality fabric. By then, you’ll likely be just as wrapped in discomfort as all the others.


Women can wear leggings for church service. However, you have to consider your congregation’s specific practices and dress codes. 

While some churches don’t have strict rules regarding the appropriate attire for women, more conservative people in your congregation may find leggings overly revealing.

Since they’re so versatile, women can easily match leggings with other clothes to create a more modest look appropriate for church. Wearing leggings with a long shirt or a sweater and matching them with your favorite blazer are just a few ways to make them church-appropriate.

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